Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Blah Wednesday, too.

Another going-nowhere day. At least I got some good news. My diabetic test strips arrived – thank you, VA ! – and I got what I thought was a two-month supply. That’s great, I normally only get a one month at a time, so I’m constantly re-ordering and/or running out. But when I looked over the actual prescription papers, it said I was now down to finger-stick testing twice a day, instead of three times. So what I got was a three month supply ! Wonderful ! While I still hate the injections, the finger-pokes actually hurt more. Numbered the boxes, so I’ll know when I’m down to the last one, so I can re-order in time. 

It’s odd, though. My diabetic numbers have been very good. At least five days out of the week, I test at 90 or slightly below, usually just before lunch. That’s not a major achievement, that’s doable if you fast for two or three hours. So that’s the thing. I’ve had all-day nibbling going on for the last two weeks, and my numbers are actually lower than when I do on purpose fast. And I haven’t been drinking as much water lately, I’ve had sugar sodas on days other than the weekend. I’m really looking forward to my next A1C ! And my next appointments, with both Cardiac and my Primary, on the 14th

This’ll eliminate over seven boxes of test strips a year – and at $70/box (Mal-Wart prices, I have no idea what the VA pays for these), that’s a lotta money. I feel good when I save funds for another veteran !

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