Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy April ! White rabbit !

New month, same ole obsession. Doll shoes ! I really like my A Stitch For You embroidery design, Timey’s new shoes look so adorable on her ! The girls I bought it for, the Disney Princess and Me dolls… not quite so much. They’re just a bit too big, and look sort of floppy. No big surprise, AG shoes are too big and floppy on them, and these were designed to fit AG, not DP. 

So I started thinking (everybody hit the dirt !) – every time I open my older embroidery program, it warns me that whatever I’m trying to see isn’t quite up to specs, so changing it by more than 10% will likely affect stitch quality. I confess, I only rarely change anything on any design I have, they were either already made to fit my 4 x 4” embroidery field, or they weren’t, and were too big to look good shrunk down. But… my new Bernina program… a few days ago, messing around with it like a drunk monkey, I accidentally took a design down to half what it came to me as. I immediately restored it, of course, but if I could reduce the shoe pattern down ten percent, I could make endless, well-fitting, darn near perfect pairs of DP & M shoes. 

And it worked ! These new ones are actually a bit snug, so I’m all over happy. I probably wrecked the hearts part, but I really don’t care. Not much for it anyway. If I could figure out how to leave it off the base design, I would. But even the old kludgy program I used to use for that is DOA these days, and shrinking the design is about the limits of what this new one can do. 

In other news, guess what was out of stock this morning ? Yup, after having them every day for two weeks, Build A Bear was sold out of Luna this morning, just when I could finally order one. I’ll give it a few days, but if she’s not available, I’m gonna have fun spending that thirty bucks elsewhere, try again next month. Or when our tax refund comes in. 

UPDATE : Luna was still showing out of stock, no surprise, but… when I checked other items, everything else was out of stock, too. Tried another browser, restarted my computer, no change. Turned out, one of my cancelled orders didn’t cancel completely, there was no way for me to tell, so… Learned this by calling BAB Customer Service, where Terry gladly took my order. Geez, my computer pranked me ! Anyway, my Luna and Dearest Son’s Rarity will be on their way soon ! Wheee ! 

Amusingly, Dearest Son has $3. left from his allowance, and I have $3. left, too. If Emmy-car worked, I'd be broke and eating some chips !

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