Monday, April 6, 2015

Sweets for the sweets !

Whoo-hoo ! My Luna and Dearest Son’s Rarity are in OurCity already ! Too bad Build A Bear insists on using that awful Fed-Ex ‘Sure Post’ – it’ll take the PO two days to get them here. Even so, I’m excited and happy, ‘cause no matter when she gets here, I get a Luna ! 

Today’s the last time I’ll hafta wash my sling, ‘cause I quit wearing it Saturday morning – my recovery will be over then ! Well, one more wash, before I put it away. I’d love to toss it (the VA definitely doesn’t want it back) or make doll clothes out of it, just to be a smart-butt, but ya never know when you’ll need a sling.

Finished the candy hearts project at 11am this morning, after discovering the pinking rotary blade I have goes to a larger older rotary I no longer have. Rats. So I left ‘em as you see ‘em, making the guys’ contrast felt a little smaller, ‘cause most fellas aren’t much into hearts. If O. and M. like them at all, it’ll be for the candy and colors I used. That one is camo print, it’s hard to see. For future reference, two boxes of 5.5oz Mike and Ike candies fill five hearts. Well, I can’t leave Dearest empty-handed when I’m handing out candy ! When I use nice felt prints for these, it costs about a dollar for each one in materials – vinyl, felts, design share, thread, ribbon, candy – and about an hour of time. Solid color felt, about 49¢. Methinks the ones I wanna make for my VA medical teams will be plain… ‘cause I wanna use what’s left of the fancy ones on doll shoes ! 

Does anyone know if those fancy-edge scrapbooking scissors work on felt ? I still want a pair – if the other ones I wanna make are gonna be flat colors, I at least wanna frill the back pieces a bit. 

The museum was fun, we walked around for over an hour and I managed to keep up. Not even winded. The kids wanted to see the scar, and were impressed. S. was happy for me that I wasn’t lugging around an oxygen tank anymore – guess I whined about that more than I thought. Everybody liked their candy hearts, and S. told me that her hubby M. will like the effort I made trying to find chartreuse for him. Wish Newfound Applique made these candy pouches as stars as well as hearts. I’m definitely gaining confidence in sewing with vinyl. 

I also got dishes done, which is kind of a lot for me in one day. Really tired tonight, but I made a very simple dinner, then hung out on the sofa with my guys. We’re taking turns picking out a movie during dinner, and tonight, Dearest Son chose the fourth Harry Potter movie, the one about the Tri-wizard Tournament. Fell asleep just before vampire-guy bought it. My last choice was Thank God It’s Friday, and I choose again tomorrow. Have no idea what I want to share yet ! 


  1. Hello from Spain: I really like. It is very interesting. Keep in touch.

  2. Nope, I doubt the fancy paper scissors would work on felt. I have a hard time using them on anything but super thin paper. They're a good idea in theory, in practice they are less so.

  3. Love the hearts! Super, super cute!

    Scrapbooking scissors are nigh-worthless things that you struggle to make a design that doesn't look wonky even with paper, or at least that's my experience. I wouldn't waste my time with them.

  4. Darn. Thanks, ya'll, you just saved me a couple bucks, and I'm always appreciating that ! BTW, wanna see some photos of a Build A Bear Princess Luna ?