Saturday, April 11, 2015

Shopping Fun Saturday !

Rainy but fun Saturday here ! While out with my guys yesterday, I noticed the familiar ‘Flea Market Today’ signs on darn near every intersection corner. So Dearest Son and I went – I needed to walk around a while, get out of the house, and this was perfect. Evidently half the county thought so, it was packed this time ! Part of the crowd probably came from the just-cancelled or finally over soccer game at the field down the street – did they actually play in the rain ? 

Still, there was a lot to see, and as usual, we made the circuit at least twice. Dearest did better at not handling stuff he had no interest in buying, but I had a laser eye on him when he lifted a Compaq laptop. I don’t know who was more surprised when he asked how much the seller wanted, and the guy replied, ‘Ten bucks.’ Guess who had exactly that to spend today ? Seller advised that it worked, just needed a Windows update, but I was a bit skeptical. Ultimately it was his funds, his decision, and he learned long ago that, if he bought junk, well, he’d have to deal with that, Mommy and Daddy wouldn’t make it all better for him. So he happily agreed, and gazed longingly at it while I finished my prowl – bought a bag of thread spools and sewing machine needles for $1.50, I couldn’t resist the 70s Woolworth-Woolco logo – and had very little interest in Dollar Tree. 

I had fun there, too. Snagged the last package of Frozen pop-lead pencils. Do you remember those ? They were so popular when I was in elementary school, and again in the early 80s. The leads were like little bullets, encased in plastic, and when one dulled, you pulled it out and inserted it into the back, which pushed the next lead up. Lose a lead, and the thing was darn near useless, except as a launch tube for spitballs. The eraser-loaded caps were usually the first thing lost. Anyway, I got those, and refrained from obtaining the Frozen branded crayons, three sets of eight in different boxes. Snacks, air fresheners, an orange pen shaped like a cat stretching with its butt in the air for Beloved, bread, and a few groceries later, we were outta there, headed for home. 

And Dearest got an amazing deal. Sure, it’s a 2008 laptop, and the OS may be pirated, but it works beautifully, and the screen has not one dead pixel in it. He was planning on replacing the OS anyway – we have two unused legal copies of XP and Vista, his favorites - and is delighted with his ‘new’ computer. I’m glad it’s as old as mine, or I’d be jealous !  

Finally got off my rump and sewed ! Details and photo tomorrow.

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  1. Wow, sounds like the kiddo got quite the deal!