Friday, April 24, 2015

Eventually I'll sew it, I guess....

I don’t know why I’m still so lethargic. I got my next DP & M ‘hospital gown’ dress all cut out, lining too, but I’ve yet to motivate m’self over to KJ to actually sew anything. Still coughing up gunk, and I didn’t sleep for it much last night, maybe I’m just tired. 

Downloaded a bunch of new embroidery designs, though. Funny, but long story. I had several Favorited on Etsy, then, just yesterday, found their off-Etsy site hosting an awesome sale. I had several in the cart before I thought to check on this company, make sure they’re legit and sell good work… which is how I found their subscription service. I had my choice of several options. To make a long story shorter, my three $9. Etsy designs went to six designs for $6., but finished at 20 designs for $5.99 ! And it’s not an ongoing charge, although I only have three days to get all 20 I want. Not at all difficult – there was lots to want there ! And I got the three I most wanted first. Wheee !

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