Tuesday, April 7, 2015


It’s so nice to not have one of my self-imposed deadlines breathing on me. I decided to just relax today, get some laundry done, clean up the mess from the heart pouches, do some window shopping over lunch. Cut up Anna’s box plastic yesterday to make templates for the pouches – faster and easier to cut felt that way - and used nearly all of it. Got three pretty bookmarks from the thin sides and top. 

Ended up at Craftsy again, and downloaded eight more free patterns. If ya’ll were tired of all this machine embroidery and wondered, ‘When’s she gonna start sewing, real sewing, doll clothes and stuff, again ?’, the answer is ‘soon’. One of the snagged was a baby doll dress that looked like it’d work as a high-waisted springtime frock with minor adjustments for any of several dolls.

Oddly, the actual pattern was on their FaceBook page, with no indication of how big or what scale it was supposed to be in, or what size to print it. The darn near useless directions, however, were PDF on Craftsy. (sigh) I blew the pattern up to ‘copy paper page size’, printed it, and hoped for the best. Scanned it, with a ‘one inch’ mark, in case it works. Wish the author had done that. 

It’s all cut out, but I’m hemming instead of lining, so I can use a small scrap for the bodice trial. I’d probably have some of it sewn, at least enough to see what alterations it might need, if this large box hadn’t landed on the porch. From the Bearhouse !

I let Dearest Son open it, and there they were, Luna and Rarity, in these cute little cardboard houses, kind of like what you’d get from a pet store to take your new friend home. I’d heard they did that, figured we’d only get one, but nope, both ponies had their own home. And I love my Luna. Her wings are a bit crooked, and I had to bend them a bit, but from her little smile to her lush tail, I love her. Soft and beautiful and sparkly and dark. Unfortunately, she ‘flew’ straight to Beloved Hubby when he got home – I may have to keep an eye on her…

Dearest hung Rarity’s ‘birth certificate’ up, finding it incredibly charming. I’m gonna snip Luna’s BAB tags off tonight, now that photos have been taken. For some reason, her ear keeps flipping – it’s cute as heck ! – but it easily goes back right. Her wing placement is gonna be a real challenge when it’s time to try making her some clothes. 

Hopefully tonight, after the family dinner and movie, I’ll get to sew. Took a nap this afternoon, I was so tired, so now I feel pretty energetic. Also hungry... once Dearest and Beloved get to a good stopping point on their video game, I want the fried chicken I was promised !

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  1. Oh wow, Luna looks fantastic! I love that they actually made her royal blue!