Friday, May 1, 2015

It may be May, but the Junebugs are already out... and crazed !

My reaction after reading what had become of our tax refund.
Happy May ! Are you prepared for all the ‘May the Fourth’ quips that are sure to come soon ?

Tomorrow’s Spring Cleaning (i.e., City Of’s Big Trash Pick Up Day), so Beloved Hubby was home a bit early to help us lug two sofas, a water heater, the last of the carpet, molding, pad, and tack strips, and a trash can of scrap lumber to the curb. I also ditched the bench on the porch which was in poor shape. In fact, it finished falling apart as I carried it to the curb ! We filled a rolly-cart with the other bits and pieces, the last of the junk and crud the previous tenants left for us to clean up. I am so happy ! We have our patio back, now that all their garbage is gone. 

When I ventured out to pick up our pizza order, I noticed the water heater had been removed from the pile. I know a Capitol City recycling company offers $5. for those, but it really wasn’t worth it for us to drive it all the way up there – we’d have to take the camper shell off the truck, and Beloved never had the time. They keep banker’s hours. Glad someone was able to claim it ! 

Got some sort-of bad news today. Reason our tax refund was late, according to, is because our bank refused the deposit. What the hey ? It’s not a total disaster, they’ll mail us a check… next Thursday. Our bank says they don’t show any attempt at a deposit was ever made, although their servers have been on a rapid-change roller-coaster of working and dead all week. Good thing we weren’t depending on it, but we really could have used a big grocery buy this week. Ah, well. I’ll do a quick what-we-need shop sometime this weekend, after I check the current supplies, make the menu for the week and prepare a list. I’m getting pretty good at keeping us fed on $30. a week and what’s in the freezer and pantry – if you don’t count soda and snacks and our once-a-week fast food feast ! 

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