Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Seasons Greetings ! This one's only about five years late...

Well, darn. Poor Emmy-car is having transmission issues – we found out when we tried to leave for Game Day. She won’t go in gear unless her engine is off, and once she’s started, half the time, she pops out of whatever gear she was in. Completely unsafe to drive, so we stayed home. Dearest Son handled it well. 

I used the sudden time to sew ! You’ll get to hear about the new version of the Disney Princess & Me shoes, and see them, tomorrow. I figured out how to fit them much better ! But my poor Brody can only hold twelve designs, past the ones that are permanently installed by Brother, maximum. As you can imagine, I ran out of space really quickly, especially when you know I still had six designs on there from '11 and earlier, when I thought I'd be back soon to stitch them out, once things settled down. Week or two, tops. 

Three are the MH designs I digitized a couple years ago, and I’m still kinda wishy-washy about removing them. One is a design I created for Beloved Hubby, and I hope to use it soon, another is a dress form design I still don’t know what I want to do with, but I have my usual reluctance to commit to even ditching it. It’s not like these designs vanish if I take ‘em out of Brody’s memory – they’re backed up on DVD, USB, and Dropbox beyond their standard storage on my hard drive. I think I’ll ditch that dress form next time Brody and I play. 

The other is a design I altered years ago, a Christmas kitty. The biggest Brody can stitch is a design 3.92 inches square. Many designs are made that size or smaller – it’s kind of been the base size for years, and sellers know that, for a lot of us out in ‘Let’s Buy Designs’-land, that’s all we got. Embroidery fields go up to 7” x 12” in home machines, no telling how big  commercial machines can do these days, but smaller’s still much cheaper, and frequently available used. Heck, it wasn’t long ago that 4x4 was all there was, and they cost $1K and needed fragile, difficult to use cards and complete PITA card readers if you wanted to add or remove designs at all. 

Anyway… I liked this Christmas kitty design, it was free, but was too big for Brody. But I printed a worksheet of it out anyway and figured that, if I could move a few stitches and lose the holiday greetings on the top and bottom, it’d be something Brody and I could make. The free software I had was kludgy, but I wrestled with it and soon had it small enough. So I printed out a new worksheet for it, loaded it into Brody’s memory… and ignored it for a year before I ignored machine embroidery for two years. I didn’t want to remove it without stitching it, seemed a waste of a lot of fussy work, but I needed space … so it’s stitched ! I’ll probably sew a felt back and ribbon loop to it, call it a Christmas ornament and be happy that, finally, it’s done. 

Came out cute, didn’t it ? 

As for the remaining six designs on Brody… wanna guess how many are Elsa-based ?

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