Friday, January 31, 2014

Random junk Friday !

Current Notes: Just imagine the junk I'm keeping ! Oh, wait, don't -
I'll post pictures of it all eventually ! 

Quiet day since Dearest Son seems to be catching cold. Went out for generic Robitussin and several favorite drinks this morning, since primarily he has a cough and sore throat. Hope he feels better in the morning.

Had some fun today. I’m going to earn a small stipend Monday for participating in a product test. I already know what I’ll be testing, and it’s really exciting if it works. I forgot to ask if I can talk about it, but I think saying it’s a non-invasive medical device is vague enough yet tells you a little something. It’ll only take an hour, and I’ll be in the city anyway, because the Lab didn’t run half the tests my Dr. requested yesterday. Since they’re necessary, I gotta get ‘em done, but at least I won’t have to drive twice.

And Rapunzel’s stains are gone ! I know they didn’t even show in the photo I posted of her, but now, she really looks just like that ! While I’m gonna try to hit the thrift Sunday, at least it won’t be to get another doll of her.

Today’s image is all the pieces in those two FormerTown thrift’s 50¢ grab bags that I know  I’m not keeping. I may ditch the little dolls and other items later, but no way I can use any of this stuff. There’s a Happy Meal Madame Alexander 2003 Pink Fairy doll, with a bad snarl of hair. I thought the frog toy was a fast-food promo too, but it turned out to be the pet of a 2005 Bratz Big Babyz Yasmin doll. I also can’t find a use for a heart-shaped peace sign necklace or a heavy blue star bracelet that flashes red in the center (both are too small and not ‘me’, and too big for any dolls), and what I thought was a Littlest Pet Shop figure carrier – it even showed LPS-like toys on a loose cardboard in the back. Turns out it’s made by Mannix, a company which either pioneered LPS or knocked it off, depending on which auction page you read. I can’t find out anything else about them. Lots about Mannix the TV show, though…

May get to visit Target tomorrow, if Dearest is feeling better. Poor guy ! 

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