Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thrift Store Girls...♫

Current Notes: Elsa ? Is that (gonna be) you ? 

Oh, forgot to tell you another tale of the thrift store. While they had little in the way of dolls, but tons of stuffed animals, they held two box-liberated MH dolls in the locked jewelry cabinet. Huh. One was the very-available Scaris Abbey, the other was Dead Tired Cleo. Hmm. Her slippers, mask, jewelry, card, stand, tube sleeve, and lantern were missing, her hair was a snarled mess, but she had her jammies…guess I could justify the $4.99 price. Oh, wait. That’s $24.99, with a note that says she’s $50. on eBay. Forget it. If I wanted to pay eBay prices, I would – and that doll’s missing way too much to be that expensive. Frankly, I wasn’t sure her outfit was worth $5., much less five times that. I didn’t even look at Abbey, having not bought her twice when she was $5. at Mal-Wart. I’m starting to think I haven’t missed much by not being able to go to that particular thrift…

Especially since I found a new one – local ! Literally about five miles from Chez Insanity. It is awesome, too. Everyone was so nice, and it was nice and bright, with tons to look at – even Dearest Son was impressed. While they do the ‘Barbies in a bag lot’ thing, instead of selling them individually, they’re pretty inexpensive, and in great shape.

As you can tell from today’s image, I bought a bit today ! That magnificent lot you see was less than $6. total, with tax. I got a nude Rapunzel – that store had three identical ones, fortunately in three separate bags – a generic Barbie in a Rapunzel-style dress, and a soft-body Aurora/Brier Rose/Sleeping Beauty.

As you can also tell, I miss my Little Disney Princess collection. I’d thought to get Frozen Elsa’s LDP, instead of the kinda wonky-faced Mattel fashion doll, but I can’t find her, either. Then I realized what I really wanted was Elsa’s dramatic blue snowflake gown on pretty much any doll – but mostly on LDP Dorrie(embarrassed sweatdrop) – so I could just challenge m’self to make one on my own. Much cheaper, less clutter. And today, I find this very lovely Cinderella LDP, nude and so very much wanting a home…it helped that she was only $1.49, and all those icy blues probably wouldn’t look good on PDorrie anyway, so… I had my choice between Cinderella and Tinkerbell, and may go back for Tink. They have a big sale every Sunday…is it wrong to hope Beloved Hubby’s working ?

For now, though… I did my research while devouring 75% of a can of Pringles (lightly salted, at least) and thanks to the ribbon still stuck in her hair, I know she’s an Ice Cream Party Cinderella, from Tollytots. Tollytots is an odd toy company – I can never find their logo on a doll’s box anywhere. I don’t know if they even have a logo. On, most of the current LDPs are listed as being made by Disney… or the Little Disney Princess company. Cindy here only has a ©Disney mark on the back of her neck. The Playmates LDPs were marked with numbers and all the trademarks embossed on their butts. Oh. Tolllytots is a subsidiary of Jakks Pacific. Odd, ‘cause JP always marks their stuff fairly obviously. Doesn’t matter, but it seems odd.

She fits the few LDP dresses I still have, and the varied shoes, too. Some of the footwear I have for them comes from the large-size Babysitter’s Club dolls, shoes just squishy enough to fit. Ironically, she’s now wearing a pink Cinderella dress and the string of blue beads that came in the other thrift’s grab bags. It’s like I’m reenacting movie scenes over here. 

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  1. I'm jealous of your awesome thrift stores! The local store here *finally* tossed out about half of the old, stained, broken, and/or torn up junk that made up their toy section the other day. While that's nice, they've gotten rid of the awesome "everything you can cram in a Wal-Mart bag for a buck" policy on unmarked toys.

    Cinderella looks like she could make a great Elsa! Are you planning to re-hair her in white to be more movie-accurate?