Friday, January 24, 2014

♪ My frizzy pony, my frizzy Happy Meal ponies...♫

Current Notes: G3 is not held in esteem by current MLP fans... but I rather like these two ! 

I confess, I’m not sure which I wanted those two small-toy grab bags from the thrift store for – the G3 Happy Meal MLP toys, or the tiny dolls. I’m probably gonna keep nearly all of it !

Since only one doll needs my attention – the other two have molded hair – I got a brush out and started working on the two ponies. Researched while I worked. I have a Sparkleworks  and Star Swirl (who’s not bearded at all !), both from 2005. Wow. Nearly ten year old toys, and they show up in a baggie at a thrift store. They’re both so cute, even if they’re not the current Friendship is Magic versions. Their manes are both really ratty at the ends, but I got them looking a little better.

Sometimes I wonder about Happy Meal-type toys. I mean, these ponies are almost as nice as the ‘real’ ones on toy store shelves at the same time. Maybe the molded-plastic tails put them in the cheap seats, but I’d have played with them right along with my ‘real’ ones as a kid. And my parents would have seen a $2. meal-with-toy as a much cheaper alternative to the $5. packaged ones, so I’d have probably snagged two or three, even back in the day when a trip to McDs was on the same level as a birthday party. Still, it’s the company – Mattel, Hasbro, etc. – that provides the toys to McDs… are they aware that, while the HM toys will probably end up trashed or in a 25c bin at the yard sale, for a while, they replaced the retail-for-sale version ? I think that’s why Mattel doesn’t do Barbie shoes or accessories in kid meals, just small, darn near useless dolls. New enough to excite a kid for a few minutes, good for promotion, but not even gonna cost them one $8. doll or $3. doll outfit sale. Mattel makes sure those mini Barbies are in no way compatible with the miniature Barbie or Disney Princess dolls and playsets they sell, it seems.

Anyway.. on to yesterday’s TRU visit. While we spent most of our time with the ponies, I got to peruse dolls for a few minutes. No beheadable Equestria Girls Rarity dolls in stock, otherwise I may have come home with one. I’m giving serious thought to obtaining a Jane Boolittle and calling her Luna. I’ve seen her in person, so to speak, at Justice! before, but was resolutely uninterested…now I’m having second thoughts. Still, at $22., I can think about it a bit longer. I’m also considering a 2009 Rainbow Brite  Moonglow doll for that slot as well. If I can find one inexpensive enough…

Finally saw the Mystixx dolls in the harsh light of retail. Glad I held off, I wasn’t attracted at all. Not to the vampire line or the zombie one. In person, they really looked cheap and, frankly, kind of repulsively reptilian, both lines. And I kind of like snakes ! Perused the Barbie and Disney Princess aisles – and had a repeat of my Mal-wart experience in the Frozen section. Not a single Elsa anything there, except for a ‘twirling sisters’ kind of mini-doll set. Nope, every doll, infant to Disney Princess and Me, dress, prop, t-shirt, accessory, or side items like banks and crayons was Anna. All else (Elsa) was sold out. I read on a message board that this was unexpected, but Diz and Mattel plan to have lots more out in time for the March release to home video. And I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the Disney Store Elsa I want. (sigh) Like I need more dolls around here…and I need endless expensive chases for ‘em…

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  1. I do hope by "current MLP fans" you don't mean the people who call themselves bronies.. I've been a fan of MLP for nearly as long as the franchise existed and I like G3 ponies just fine.. :D
    I remember this idea from your old blog, and I agree HM toys are often kind of junky; I guess the idea is sort of that if you got a pair of Barbie shoes but maybe weren't actually well-off enough to afford a Barbie, that'd kind of suck, so have a mini version "just like the real thing" (only not) instead. With how cheap and abundant clones are these days, even that is pretty pointless.
    Back when I was the "proper" age to play with ponies, Hasbro put out some Happy Meal G2-styled ones that were just perfect. They were tiny but SUPER detailed, with LARGE playset-like accessories, sparkly rhinestone eyes a proper mane and tail and everything. Now I remember them I'm kicking myself for not holding on to them and letting them become lost over the years, haha.