Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Endless Day ... is finally over !

Current Notes: All I want is a big glass of soda (or water), some chips, and a book. I feel like I've earned them !

Today was…very long. Hit the grocery for milk and what Beloved Hubby needed for lunch in 19 degree weather at 5:30 am. Barely lay back down after he left when MIL said we needed to talk. Raced through a shower, gulped a piece of hard candy, and settled in for what soon devolved into a repeat of the family classic, ‘Let me tell you everything I think you’re doing wrong, explain everything we need you to do, and then leave to let you fix it’, but I was too busy to dwell. Soon as she was done berating me for the two times I neglected to provide taxi service – was too sick Tuesday to go to my own appointment (which FIL already knew about), much less safely drive him to his, and another pharmacy run I don’t remember him ever asking me about, just vaguely muttering that he needed to go, but not where or when – and ignoring the ten or twelve I have provided, even the driveway ambush one, (irony alert !) I had to hurry to taxi FIL to the cheap cigarette place halfway across town, past the closed road that makes me go about six miles around town to get there. But first, we had to go to the grocery store where his bank is, so he could ATM some cash for the smokes. Too bad he decided to grocery shop while I waited, engine running, parked barely legally, thinking he’d be out any minute, because all he was going to do was withdraw cash from the ATM. I darn near floored the gas and left him there when he came out with grocery bags…

He then got me lost on the way there, thinking a dirt path connected to the service road. It didn’t, and I ended up less than three blocks from home, so basically had to start all over. By the time we got back, I was about to explode. But, I didn’t have time. I had less than an hour to get Dearest Son dressed, fed, and ready to go to his playdate – and I hadn’t taken my meds or eaten anything besides a piece of hard candy all day either.

Our time in PreviousTown made up for the whole day. Dearest played with the other kids – yaaay ! – and participated far more than he ever has before. I’m so proud of him. At his request, we toured TRU, and he saw a large stuffed Octavia and the ‘Queen Chrysalis’ TRU-exclusive set of MLP figurines he’s wanted since Christmas. I’ll talk to Beloved, but I think he’ll have the money saved up from his allowance when the next game day comes around on Feb. 06. I’ll tell you about the rest of our TRU visit tomorrow – this is already pretty darn long ! J

We also hit up the thrift store I’ve missed so. Spent a big $9. – he got a nearly-pony sized Spider-Man playset (this one, in fact) for $4., only missing a car and two figures he wouldn’t have wanted to begin with. He saved over $20., and plans to use it in his pony videos ! He also found a like-new baby Rainbow Dash in a bin of 25c stuffed animals, and she was just too cute to leave there. Turns out, she’s a bathtime toy – and she has an ‘outie’ belly button !

As for me, I got a pristine copy of The Von Hoffman Bros. Bigger D@mner Book of Sheer Manliness for Beloved Hubby. It’s actually a really cool book ! Everything from movie reviews, beer, and punkin’ chuckin’ is in there. I also snagged a dozen much-needed coat hangers for 50c – cheapest anywhere ! – and two grab bags of small toys. Mostly for the fun of going through them. Guess what you’ll be seeing over the next few days ?

Of course, all that took nearly all day, but Beloved worked late, so I finally had a little time to relax. Then it was time to start dinner and such. Still so proud of Dearest – and I can’t wait to go back to TRU soon !

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