Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Life goes on...

Current Notes: ...and on, and on, and on...

Quiet day – we woke to about a half-inch of snow ! Very pretty, but gone by early afternoon. Not sure what’s up with Hubby, he’s acting like nothing’s happened. I can’t just pretend all this didn’t happen, but if I keep worrying over it, I’ll never be stable again, so I’m going to let it go. Oh, things have changed, whether he knows or likes it or not. But until he’s more stable, for Dearest Son’s sake, I’m going to play nice but not oblivious. It’s stupid, but I’m not cleaning up after Hubby anymore. He wants his clothes cleaned, he needs to get them in the hamper, not scattered all over the house and three inches from it. Or he’s welcome to do his own. Same for dishes and dinner. I’m not a robot maid, and I refuse to act like one to keep the peace anymore. It’s not like I’m asking for the moon here.

Since I got most of my housework done yesterday, I took some time and got Cinderella/Elsa cleaned up this afternoon. Water took care of most of her surface dirt, a gentle paste of baking soda and more water scrubbed away the deeper, more stubborn stains on her cheeks, leg, and foot. I also brushed and braided her hair, which I may just leave. Yeah, the ‘real’ Elsa has much whiter hair, but it’s not like I’m gonna get an exact replica either way, so I think I’ll leave it as-is. Besides, buying enough hair to reroot her will probably cost more than just buying the Disney version. When they ever become available again !

I also started Rapunzel’s acne medicine/ sunny window treatment. You can barely see those spots, and in some light, ya can’t at all, but I know they’re there, so they’ll bug me ‘til I do something about ‘em. I don’t really have to – for $4. at that thrift, I can buy another Rapunzel, but I wanna try to save the one I have first. 


  1. Cinder/Elsa is already looking good with just a little cleanup!

    1. (giggle) I like that. CinderElsa. Cinderelsa. I'm calling her that from now on. Thanks ! And ((((hugs!!))))

    2. Ha ha! You're welcome! OH! Dorrie I don't know if you saw my post on the arena about this, but the other day Disney Movie Rewards had the Animator's Collection Jasmine and Mulan up as rewards offers! Do you guys participate in the program? You get points from little fliers that they put in dvds, and you can also redeem soundtrack and movie tickets for points. I was really, really tempted to grab Mulan, but I think I'm going to wait to see if any cool Frozen stuff pops up in March when the DVD drops. :D