Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Big one day, little the next.

Current Notes: And here’s the first of three tiny dolls I got from the FormerTown thrift’s 50c grab bags. She was just like that, and the only ‘glitter bow’ / permashoes version I could find in my research labels her as 2010’s Favorite Moments. I think her clothes help her stand, at just under four inches. 

Lol. Soon as I wrote all my plans for Cinderelsa, I found that not only is the toddler doll and kid dress version of Elsa on sale at Target, it’s in stock at our local one. Well, shoot. It’s tempting, but I think I’m gonna stay the course I’ve plotted. I don’t want or need the child dress, and even on sale, my version will be more fun and still cheaper. The licensed version’s stock gown/dress isn’t even all that fantastic, in my opinion. Plus, and this will sound very silly, but after getting her all cleaned up and pretty again, I think it’d break this doll’s heart if I donated her back to the thrift. That’s kind of why I didn’t go back for the Tinkerbell LDP – I’m not a huge Tink or fairy fan, and I already have too many dolls to give each the attention he/she deserves. I  hope she finds a home before my next visit, which I’m hoping for Sunday.

Speaking of the thrift store, last time I went to the ‘new’ one, I walked around with a baggie full of plastic-rubbery clothes for the tiny Disney dolls I got in the two grab-bags from PreviousTown thrift. I ended up putting the doll clothes back, because even though, thanks to prior eBay research, ten dresses and additional clothes with various accessory pieces for $5. was a really good deal, it seemed silly to spend that much to clothe a doll I spent less than 50c on. So I was happy when I found directions on how to make a simple dress for that – or really, any – size doll, here. Don’t think I’ll go all out with wings and crown, but I can modify and have fun with that dress. Less chance of suddenly tearing, too - the rubbery stuff was prone to that.

Here’s where you’ll laugh at me – I was up about two hours late trying to get a Finnish website pattern for LDPs to print at the right size. All I had to go on was a 5cm mark, and it took me about six prints before I had it right. Oh, the last two were maybe 2mm too big or almost 2mm too small, and they probably would have worked, but… well, I got it right, resized it and left notes, so here’s hoping it’ll work. Here’s the funny part – the pattern’s made for the Animator’s version of the LDPs. I have no idea what the differences are between those, the regular Disney Store ones, the Playmates versions, the Jakks Pacific ones, and the Tollytots series. ‘Toddler’ Disney princess dolls have been made for at least twelve years by many different manufacturers. All that ink and eking out millimeters may not mean a darn thing if it can’t fit because the Animators dolls have a chest an inch bigger or smaller than either of the dolls I have. Oh, and I have no idea if the pattern has seam allowances built in or not. I’ve read the few directions several times, and someone asks, but it’s never answered. I really like this yoke-style dress, though. Arrrgh.

And it kind of reminded me how I used to be. When someone else asked how she made the pictured – but no pattern – jumpsuit, the author said she started with a gown and just sewed in legs and kept going from there. I used to do that – and I want to again.

Oh, and good news. When I went to clean yesterday’s oxy-10 off Rapunzel’s face for a reapplication this morning, I found that one of the stains was already gone, and the big one has faded noticeably. Yaaay ! 


  1. Dorrie,

    I was wondering if you knew of any places where I could find some free patterns for barbie/ken and MH sized dolls. I am specifically looking for a blazer/lab coat pattern. I thought I would ask you since you probably know more about it than I do. I tried googling but couldn't find much.


  2. Josh, the best resource I've found for both MH and Barbie patterns - for free, especially, has been Pinterest. Have a look around, and if you join, I can share mine with you, which has ooodles of free MH patterns, and lots to select for the Barbie-sizes,too. I just don't save as many Barbie, I have tons already !

    One idea for lab coats - have any Ken patterns for button-down style shirts ? That could work ! Lemme know if any of this helps !