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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Yet somehow, I can't help but think that even if I had found Clawdia, she wouldn't have cheered me as much as Pinkie...

Current Notes: Nothin' half a wine cooler can't fix...
Or at least encourage me to forget. 

Still kind of recovering from yesterday. Emotions are still riding high, but aren’t as raw as yesterday. We all kind of slept a lot.

I got to hit Mal-Wart for a bit, where I discovered it wasn’t just Target that was without any of the five new-released series. M-W didn’t have any either, just another sea of 13 Wishes and some signature releases hiding among them – saw a Rochelle and an Operetta in the mix. Ours even still had a few of the remixed Sweet 1600 Black Friday specials, but I already have what I wanted from that line. I’m starting to think I shouldn’t even waste my time looking for new dolls ‘til they’re available on Amazon at MSRP. And then I can just order them. It’s not that they sold out, it’s that they’ve never had them around here. Ranks.

I did find an awesome set of scrapbook papers – Vintage Treasures by Colorbok, $5. for two sheets each of 25 designs. All of them are gorgeous ! There were other Colorbok paper stacks, I hope to look at them soon. I was so sold on the one I got, I didn’t look around !

Got to play with my new Pinkie Pie, and she is adorable. I confess, here and now, that her glittery shirt reminds me of one I had, a fleecy sort of pink semi-sweatshirt with a silver-glittery cat face on it. It was perfect for skating on cold days. Pinkie’s issue dress reminds me so much of it, I had to have her. Memories are strange motivators. Now, I’m semi-obsessed with making that shirt for a few of my dolls. First thing, go buy some very fine glitter…

Just for fun, I tried Pinkie’s second dress on Twyla. Knew it wouldn’t fit, it was tight even as a blouse. Cute, though. Pinkie’s left elbow was a little hard to bend – it was even difficult to see how it bent, and I was scared to death to break it. Her right elbow was good to go, not stiff at all, so I used it to determine how to get the left over that first hurdle. It’s easier now, but still noticeably stiffer than the right one. Oh, how I wish Hasbro made a nice Luna doll like Pinkie and the one they made for Celestia.

It also helped that Pinkie came with a second outfit and shoes. One of the things that drove me crazy in the early days of MH was their lack of footwear ! Sure, if you bought all of the original six, you could do some trading around, but I always wanted just a plain pair of basic FM black pumps. I saw a shoe and purse pack in the Barbie aisle today, hanging next to the budget carded clothes, and wished…(sigh) May have to borrow Dearest Son’s Twilight Sparkle doll’s shoes, if I get going on making Pinkie some stuff. Hmm…he has Celestia, too. I’ve forgotten what her shoes look like.

One thing I’ve never quite understood about Equestria Girls dolls. Not one of them have an outfit anything like what their characters wore in the movie. There’s a new almost Jem­-like EG line coming out that gives the Mane Six even crazier clothes. It’s called Rainbow Rocks, and if early photos are accurate, Rainbow Dash looks like an extra from the 80s Flash Gordon movie. I kind of like it… 

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