Tuesday, December 3, 2013

You can see the front of the box anywhere...so here's the back !

Current Notes: I am gonna have so much fun with this set ! 

Spoke too soon yesterday, about being glad everything is at least out in the open. It wasn’t. Turns out, DFIL has several other payday loans that he’s paying the bare minimums on that he didn’t mention until today, in addition to the perpetually in arrears mortgage he’s assured everyone numerous times that is up to date. That we got registered mail about Saturday, because it isn’t. Oh, my beautiful universe, it is far, far from being up to date. I don’t know how much more of his lies and hiding I can take. It’s cost us more than I can even think about right now – and I’m about to explode in anger that has nowhere to go. Do you even want to hear anyone when you can’t trust a word out of his or her mouth ?

Meanwhile, I’ve discovered that I don’t like American Neufchatel cheese. You may have seen it in the grocery store, nestled next to the cream cheese, in a nearly identical package, often a bit cheaper. I got some on purpose, for bagels, and tried it. While Neufchatel may be the inspiration for cream cheese, I prefer the Philadelphia kind. Cream cheese is made with milk and cream and has to have a minimum 33% milk fat – Neufchatel is made with milk and is usually around 23% milk fat. Even though it looks and spreads nearly identical, the Neuf is less ‘rich’ tasting, and the kind I tried lacked the nearly lemon ‘tang’ I associate with cream cheese. It’s not bad, and on bagels it’s just fine, but kind of like the difference between ice cream and ice milk (do they even still make or sell that ?) – they’re both cold and refreshing in summer, but your taste buds know the difference and often your eyes do, too.

My MH Black Carpet Premiere Party playset arrived with little fanfare today – at 6pm. Poor delivery guy, he looked so tired. I hope he was near the end of the day’s deliveries. I really like my set, but won’t open it ‘til tomorrow. You know how I like to space out the fun ! One thing I can tell, I don’t like the teal/turquoise/light blue on several of the pieces. I’ll probably spray-paint most of ‘em black, and I’m hoping the ‘bead’ decoration on the shelves is removable. It looks too much like a Mardi Gras float piece to me. Which I may want later, but for now…that blue-green’s gotta go. I also hope to make my own backdrops for the ‘photo op’ screen.

It’s mildly funny that this set comes with more food and drink pieces than the Coffin Bean playset did. Possibly the Die-ner set, too. I now have three doll-size lanyards in white and one in black, two microphones (one pink, one black), and a video camera. the two mics – one from Catty, the other from this set – are both highly detailed and very different. This one really looks like one a TV channel would use. One thing that MH does exceedingly well is shoes, the next is small props ! 

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