Monday, December 23, 2013

Now FedEx hates me, too...

Current Notes: Beloved Hubby was Rue ! Test yourself here.

Well, now I know it’s not just UPS – all couriers and delivery services don’t like me ! (grin) Stuff Beloved Hubby ordered a day after I hit the button for Clawdia arrived today, and far as I can tell, FedEx still has the soon-to-be-renamed Honey in Memphis. Ah, well, something to look forward to for tomorrow, right ?

Speaking of Beloved, he joyfully shifted buying groceries onto my lap now that I have transportation, only problem was, he gave me a really tight budget. It’d be easy for just us three, but buying for us plus DMIL & FIL is more of a challenge. I played with the numbers and lists, ended up going to three stores, but I made my target – $10. under the budget – even with one store charging me for a second $2. item I didn’t buy. Not sure if it’s worth the gas to haul all the way over there again to correct the error, but you can bet I’ll check receipts before I leave the store next time !

I was gleefully talking to m’self in the car when I realized I was alone, and would be for a while (it ended up being two hours).  Ah, bliss ! I think my attitude will be much improved in the near future ! I’d given Dearest Son the option of going with me, but if there’s a more boring activity for a kid than grocery shopping with Mamma, I can’t think of it offhand. I got him a special treat, though, so he’s happy. 

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  1. I'd call the store and complain about the charge. Maybe they'll let you bring in the receipt to have the item voided next time?