Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sleeping in neighborly peace...

Current Notes: Yaay ! From 'trashcan fodder' to 'much better, keeper' with one simple 
straight seam-dart down the back. Not too convinced about DLaura's belt, though...

It’s embarrassing how long we had these chicken legs – I think it’s made it through at least four moves – but they’re nearly gone now. I did a knockoff-Bisquick oven fry, and it came out great. Made dumplings out of a packet of chicken Ramen seasoning and the unused breading mix. Beloved Hubby really loved those ! The leftover broth will have angel hair pasta and chicken shreds added to it for lunch tomorrow. It may take me a while to use something, but when I do, I use it all.

Beloved had today off, so we bounced from naps to home improvement projects, and I never got to sew. But the front door now has a deadbolt, his tools now have a space that includes a storage cabinet, and the bathtub drains a lot better.

We also said ‘goodbye’ to our air mattresses. Dearest Son’s was slowly transforming into a beach ball, and ours had begun the metamorphosis as well. We were planning on replacing them next month – Dearest’s as soon as possible – and saving up for more conventional bedding when a neighbor came by to ask a question. They just upgraded their two-year-old Sertas, and wanted to know if we could use them. Evidently, her dad works furniture, as he got them the newest for Christmas… again, as our neighbor sighingly put it. Heck, yeah ! We snagged a Queen and a Full, and helped them curb their remaining two Twin beds – which were gone by the time we went back for the Queen. Yaaay !  DMIL and FIL like their bed, and didn’t want to change it, but we offered. Yeah, I can understand some squick about used beds, but I slept like a rock during our first nap on them, so I’m happy. We can keep saving up for our own new bedding in the meantime, but I’m just glad Dearest has a better bed tonight !

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