Monday, December 16, 2013

I always thought it was stuck somewhere around twelve or so...

Current Notes: That’s good, ‘cause I *am* 47 ! 
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Well, that didn’t take long ! Beloved Hubby is still consumed with New (to him) Truck Fever, and it affects a lot of other things, like how we spend family time. We’re still not sure if we’re keeping or trading in the 4Runner, but I have the promise of a vehicle within two months if we do trade ‘Angel’ in. I’m OK with it either way, if he’s happy and I can get the heck out of Chez Insanity once or twice a week without dragging anyone who doesn’t wanna go along, it’s all good to me. Frankly, the idea of being able to take me and Dearest Son outta here when I want is delightful, and I can feel my interiors lighten.

So I’m actually a bit excited, too. Since ‘Angel’s destiny is sort of up in the air, I decided I should at least try to drive her, see if I had an opinion on the keep/trade decision. Beloved was home today, so I got some time to m’self – and I got to go to both Hobby Lobby and Justice! this afternoon !

Although it was actually rather a washout. While Justice! had four Jane Boolittle dolls, several budget Black Carpet ones, and most of their exclusive Swim line and the Ghoul Spirit ones, none of the dolls I really wanted were in stock. There were several I’d sorta like to have, but it was mostly for their clothes (Swim Rochelle, Black Carpet Cleo), and our finances are a bit too snug for that right now. Could do it, but I’d feel guilty. No Slo Mo, no Clawdia. Well, it’ll happen when it happens, one day I’ll have both. Just not today.

It’s kind of funny. I rather like the story given to the Jane doll, but… I think I have too many dolls I already love to make space for another due only to her compelling back-story. To me, she looks like too many others once her clothes are changed, so I’m not as intrigued as I would be, say, a year ago. And we all know how I feel about the whole ‘talking to animals’ thing – or you will, after next week’s Sophia the First rant.

While being alone for as long as I wished at Hobby Lobby is darn near a fantasy in itself, I struck out there, too. They didn’t have what I was looking for, and while 90% of the store was on one sale or another, I didn’t find much I wanted. Found the owl ribbon I’d seen on their website – half off ! – and later, some novelty Christmas owl-print ribbon, too. At the register, I saw both Beloved and Dearest’s favorite candy bars, and I had just enough cash on me to get them each a little ‘thanks for giving me some alone time’ gift.

Later on, Beloved bought me one – he remembered, during his latest ‘home improvement’ store run, that I needed a new power strip. The extension cord I was using for my sewing machine and lamp kept slipping out of the socket, often at the worst possible moment. A nudge to the table restored power, but after a few dozen ‘nudges’, I was getting downright violent. And it wasn’t even the table’s fault. Now, it’s not an issue.

And I got no more excuses for not sewing…

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