Thursday, December 26, 2013

Clawdia - soon to be 'Honey' - is here !

Current Notes: Evidently, the failure of various package delivery services 
wasn't just my problem. It made the news, here ! 

I confess, Christmas Day was a complete laze-a-thon. I didn’t even sew, although I’d planned to, because it was just more fun to do nothing with Beloved Hubby and Dearest Son. DMIL & FIL barely came out of their Garpartment all day after we gave out gifts. FIL managed to thank Beloved without naming him, on Facebook, while simultaneously intimating that he (FIL) got DMIL the gift we gave her. And he wonders why I don’t really spend much meaningful time with him…(i.e., any).

And, as you can see (smile !), Clawdia is here ! Both she and Elissabat’s stock arrived within ten minutes of each other, so it was like a sudden, late Christmas. I’ve heard E’s dress stains, so it won’t remain on a doll long, a real shame. It’s a gorgeous dress ! I have no regrets buying it, none at all. Since ‘stock’ normally means ‘everything but the doll and the box’, but it can vary, I was wondering what I’d get. I got that literal definition – the dress, the jacket, the boots (I’m gonna sell those), both pair of earrings, the bracelet, the doll-size DVD box with a tiny removable disc inside, the ‘grasping hand’ award, and the diary. Wow. I made sure to leave that seller some great feedback !

Soon as Clawdia’s out of her box, she’s gonna be renamed ‘Honey’, but I’ll try not to be confusing. I’ve already had a Clawdia since 2010, because Dawn of the Dance Clawdeen reminded me so much of Robotech / Macross’s Claudia Grant. Plus, I do not have, nor will I ever own, Honey Swamp. Unique and pretty doll, just not one I want. I’ve gotta be seriously selective these days – I’m getting overwhelmed ! You shoulda seen me yesterday, trying to find space for all the new dolls, with one more due to arrive, up on the shelf in the living room. The new ghouls and ponies have been hanging out on my desk in the Study, but I had to clean up, as stuff was falling off on a daily basis. However, now the shelf’s overcrowded !

But the cutting surface is clean. I can actually use it now ! Last couple projects, I’ve been pinning the fabric together, tracing the pattern with a drawing pencil, then cutting it out. I really prefer the rotary, but I’m glad I explored another option. Messy sewing arenas will force ya to !

Christmas is throwing me off. I keep thinking today’s Monday ! 

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