Saturday, November 30, 2013

Despite the presence of Pinkie Pie, it was not a good day at Chez Insanity...

Current Notes : The second peg-foot doll steps into my little world !

Score ! On a quick run to the local grocer’s, I found Velveeta Hamburger Helper-style boxed dinners on markdown, 2 / $1. For that price, I’d try them. But each box had a $1. off coupon…they weren’t expired, either. Would they work ? No big deal if they didn’t, after all, 50c a box for mac n cheese isn’t bad. But they did ! My six boxes cost three bucks, but six dollars came off my total. They paid me to take them ! It was all I could do to not go back for more. Decided it was only fair to let others have a score, too, and six really was about the most I was likely to use. They’ll make great lunches for Dearest Son and me, as Beloved Hubby doesn’t really like that stuff.

Otherwise, today was actually kind of disappointing. Went on a short doll hunt, and found absolutely nothing new – neither of the Black Carpet lines, nor the Ghoul Spirit, the Scare-mester, or Art Class. All I saw was endless 13 Wishes and the occasional leftover Skultimate Roller Maze and Swim Class. Lotsa Die-ners, too. And everything was full price. Ah, well. Maybe next week.

As a sort of consolation – because I really was geared up to get my Clawdia/Honey today – I bought My Little Pony Equestria Girls Pinkie Pie’s Boutique. Whew. I confess, I’d been peeping in on her occasionally, but I really didn’t have intentions to buy her… but what can I say, pink and black and glitter. Ya’ll know I’m a sucker for 80s stuff…

As if my disappointment was a harbinger, we weren’t home a half hour before everything went to the nethers. The behaviors and attitudes that made me long to escape this house years ago roared back with reinforcements today. The money we’d put aside got spent on…something we were assured was paid months ago. In truth, it hadn’t been paid in months, and that bundle of registered mail proved it. To say the house has been tense is an understatement. To say the mood is visible from space is only a slight exaggeration. And I have no idea how we’ll cover that hole Beloved punched into the wall. It’s huge.

Oh, and we didn’t get what we were saving for today. Down payment for Beloved’s new-to-him truck, which would give me the 4Runner to use. Not happening now. I’m so mad, I could punch a fool in the face. 

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