Saturday, December 14, 2013

He's got an official bio now - if only he had a doll version to purchase ...

Current Notes: My day was slower than Sloman, though. 

Something I didn’t realize until today – the “ I <3 Shoes “ DracuLaura I bought yesterday comes with white gloved hands. Since today’s efforts at straightening Catrine’s ‘claw’ hands didn’t go well, I might possibly use DLaura’s for Rarity instead. Already have a spare pair of DLaura ‘standard’ hands. I just wonder if the ‘glove’ hands  make the fingers look stubby, as no one seems to like them. That could just be the color contrast between her pink wrists and white gloves, but I won’t know ‘til she gets here.

Not sure where I went wrong. I’ve straightened much thicker, harder sixth-scale male dolls’ hands before, with a lot less effort. At first, I thought I had it, but when I checked later in the day, Rarity’s current hands were back to ‘claw’ shape. Darn it.

Found some Russian doll patterns on Pinterest and downloaded them. Not sure if I’ll ever use them – most are for Barbie and larger dolls – but sometimes it’s worth it just to have the shape to adapt. 

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