Sunday, December 8, 2013

Protesting can be fun !

Current Notes: Proud of everyone who went 'Flickr Black Day' with us, understand why many didn't. 

One of the best and worst days ever. Best, because we have heat !!! And one of the worst ‘cause of how it happened. We’ve been making do with a portable propane heater these few cold weeks, but it’s expensive and can’t be unattended. Makes for some cold toes late at night ! Part of what we were saving for at the first of the month was getting a repair person out here to look at the 'broken' central heat and air unit (only three years old) after Beloved Hubby exhausted his repair knowledge on it to no avail – and $200+ in parts we were pretty much stuck with. He decided to put it back together before we lost parts this afternoon (yeah, he was pretty bored), and it was then that FIL remembered the separate ‘relays’ it has. Um, FIL, those are fuses, not relays, and I know Beloved asked you about those, and you referred him to the fuse box that runs this whole pit.

Beloved found the fuses, including the one lying at the bottom of the box that belonged up there with the others, and installed it…and the heater started right up. OMG. We roasted when we first moved, had to sleep all of us to a room, and have been toughing out the cold these last few weeks, none of which my heart really needed … for nothing ! Unless that fuse was suicidal, FIL pulled it (probably so he could tell DMIL the central air was broken, and keep them to one room with an air conditioner window unit, presumably for a lower electric bill) and forgot about it, even when Beloved asked. I’m somewhere between deliriously happy that my feet aren’t frozen and bloody well furious.

Rather than stress about it – and other of his late antics I don’t even wanna get into – I’m trying to just enjoy and be glad we didn’t have to scrape up $$$ for a major repair, or even $150. for a service call and minor repair. It didn’t help when FIL blustered in here, telling Beloved that not having to fix the central heat/air was ‘like putting $700. back in your pocket’. I muttered ‘more like putting it in (name of mortgage holder’s bank)’s pocket instead’ and got a sour eyeball for my musings. Yeah, I’m a bit bitter.

Decided to participate in the current Flickr protest, since I was just whining about it here a few days ago. It really is frustrating to suddenly find y’self stuck with an entirely new interface you don’t know how to work, with no warning, then just as suddenly find it back to the old one. I have no idea how Flickr can even call these ‘improvements’, they don’t do a darn thing for the images or how to find them. So, when the black notices showed up in my ‘stream, I snagged one and posted it. Probably won’t do a darn bit of good, but one never knows. Maybe just this once…

Also decided to let Catrine keep her head ‘til Tuesday, possibly Wednesday, depending on when Rarity-donor arrives. Our last UPS delivery didn’t arrive ‘til nearly 6pm, although the one before arrived at 1pm. Took out my destructive tendencies on the boxes sitting around – from Catrine, Pinkamena, and the Premiere Party playset. With all the buying I’ve done recently, I have plenty of plastic for pattern templates ! And if I ever snag a Christmas tree, lots of supplies for ornaments, as well. And I redid the bedside storage cube that holds all that cut-up cardboard. Yaaay !

A pretty productive Sunday, I think….

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