Friday, December 6, 2013

I got a new kitty !

Current Notes: Shame she's just a body donor...

Three inches of snow from last night to this afternoon ! So pretty. Beloved Hubby had off today, so we had a little fun, and I got inspired…

Well, there was only one thing that could take my attention off the ongoing problems at Chez Insanity, and the crushing, grinding disappointment of not finding Clawdia and having to wait who knows how much longer for Slo Mo – and that could only be another doll. But not just any doll. Not something I could snag at Mal-Wart or find complete on No, this doll would have to be something special…

And she is ! Well, she will be. Y’see, in addition to the dolls I may have mentioned wanting once or twice (coughClawdiaSloMohackcofff), I’ve really wanted pretty My Little Pony Equestria Girls Rarity and Luna dolls – but the ones out there from Hasbro disappoint. I like my new Pinkamena, don’t get me wrong, but… Luna and Rarity are my favorites, and I wanted more than the same head with a paint job. Luna, especially, is an adult in the movie, so why on the moon is the only Luna doll made almost exactly the same in every way as the ‘kid’ dolls, and in the same cheerleader-style outfit, too ? I refuse to accept what Hasbro’s tossed to us as a Luna doll.

The Rarity versions are OK, pretty much a white version of Pinkamena, so I’ve toyed with getting one. I confess, I wasn’t in much of a rush about it - until today. What changed my mind ? Five words. Rarity head on MH body. Oh, my world. Someone’d already done it, with a deluxe Rarity and a Scaris Catrine de Mew, also a standard Rarity and a ghost CAM body, and the results were gorgeous ! That’s  what I want ! And I’d have to make it m’self.

Was gonna be pricey, too. I’d have to buy two dolls, each over $15., to make one. After some frantic online shopping, I soon learned that Rarity dolls, both basic and deluxe, were selling out everywhere. Target was out, Mal-Wart was out, Amazon was $30. for the basic, and TRU had the basic for just $12. – plus $8. shipping and tax. Yikes. And I never got my last $5. TRU Rewards bucks, they’ve already expired. I called to see if they could do me a favor, but I won’t know for days. It didn’t really matter if which Rarity I got, from what I can tell, they’re nearly identical save for some poseability (not a factor for this project) and extra clothes and shoes. It’d boil down to money and availability.

However, I lucked out with Catrine – our M-W just got in the new Scaremester series, which rang up at just $10. ! Yaaay ! I thought I’d have to get another Scaris Catrine ($21.), and I already have her outfit twice over. Now I have a whole new outfit, shoes, and everything ! M-W also had Clawdeen from that line, but no Jinafire. No Black Carpet at all. Sadly, no Rarities, either – ours has about 15 Rainbow Dash and one Fluttershy, that’s it.

But then, the Universe smiled upon me once we got back home. I went to show Beloved the ridiculous price Rarity dolls are commanding when I saw that the deluxe (two outfit) version was only $15. on Amazon now ! Long story short (too late !) she’ll be here Tuesday. And my custom Deluxe Rarity will only cost $25. A bit high, but not too bad. Unfortunately, Dearest Son has already rejected a hybrid ‘kitten Catrine’ doll… can always give the shoes and outfits to Pinkamena…

That used up all but my Slo Mo funds, so I’m not headed out to Kohl’s with this other $10. card. Ah, well. No regrets ! I can’t wait to make this happen. 


  1. Lucky you, finding the New Scaremester dolls! We haven't gotten anything newer than 13 Wishes!

  2. I was a-mazed ! Even so, there was only Catrine (who was immediately snagged by yers truly !) and Clawdeen - no Jinafire in sight. And only one of the kitty and wolf. Not sure if that store had more, or that's all they got, and someone scored Jina before I hit the scene.

    But everywhere else, it's 13 Wishes as far as normie eyes can see. Truly frustrating. Hope we bust out of this doll desert soon !

    1. I actually made it through the snow to WM today, and found a lone NS Clawdeen. I think she must have been a return from another store, because there was no sign of anything else new. Weirdly enough, there were TONS of Abby/Heath Cleo/Ghoulia class 2-packs. The store must have gotten in a lot of cases of them for some reason. I left 'Deen in the store. I love her shoes and jacket, but I don't care for anything else about her.