Saturday, December 7, 2013

I just love Catrine's latest box art !

Current Notes: Clickies for biggies !
Especially if you wanna read it. 

You won’t believe this, but Dearest Son had a survey to do today – so now, the Slo Mo fund is at $42. I paid Dearest already – a $3.50 big bag of Funyuns. He made out well, since Pinecone only pays me three bucks !

Just finished stuffing dinner into our toaster oven – meatloaf and baked beans flavored with ham, with stovetop cheesy mashed potatoes. Nice warm food for a very cold day ! While I was prepping that, Beloved Hubby sealed the sliding patio door with plastic, and I could tell the difference halfway through. That door’s a huge heat sink, and the kitchen’s cold even when you’re cooking. We’ve all been worried about the pipes. Not anymore – it was darn near pleasant in there, for the first time in a week. I may actually do dishes tomorrow…

Deboxed Scaremester Catrine – I almost hate to behead her tomorrow. Such a cute doll ! Her outfit doesn’t seem made for her specifically, as it doesn’t accommodate her tail very well (I love the snap-on plastic bow on the end !), but she has soft, pretty hair in an almost Twilight Sparkle kind of striped short style, her props are perfect, and her shoes will look great on Rarity, too. Her outfit is a dress, not separates, but the little black jacket is separate, and very versatile for other dolls. Hmf. I didn’t realize it, but my Catrine now has a spare tail, since ‘girl’ Rarity only has a part-time tail, and it’s completely different.

According to Amazon, my head-donor Rarity has shipped, and is still on schedule to arrive Tuesday. After that, I need to stay the heck off Shouldn’t be too hard, I’m flat-broke busted and so is everyone else around here ! 


  1. I need to find a place to do surveys for or something, my dolly/toy fund is getting sadly low. (I'll be unhappy for a whole new reason when new stuff starts appearing! Ha!)

    This end of the state is supposed to have a chance for more precipitation around Monday/Tuesday, but hopefully you guys are far enough west to miss it. Have you see Frozen yet? It is AMAZING!

    1. No, not yet - but I want to. The Frozen dolls are so pretty ! Lemme see if Pinecone's 'hiring', they don't pay much, but it adds up.

    2. I'm pretty sure you will love it! It's a beautiful, fun, inventive, musical! I went straight from the theater opening night to W-M to buy the soundtrack, lol! I was so glad I'd bought Elsa and Anna's dolls awhile back, especially Elsa.

      I think someone said that Elsa's voice actress was the gal who played Elphaba in Wicked. I haven't seen Wicked, myself.