Friday, December 13, 2013

Pinkamena saved you a seat !

Current Notes: I took this photo a couple days before the Rarity project. Did you know Rarity came with the same boots, just painted light pink and silver, with no heart design ? Mattel's not the only toymaker who recycles shoe molds ! 

Enjoyed a nice lunch of last night’s leftover chicken and dumplings, with a potato tossed in. Dinner was itself a leftover, made with the last bits of that half-price rotisserie chicken we bought Tuesday, and the last of a box of Aldi’s house-brand Bisquick. Beloved Hubby loves my recipe – it’s garlic heavy ! – and usually eats all the dumplings he can find. I have a sort of chicken stew the next day, with the potato making up for the missing dumplings. I get the most out of a half-off rotisserie deli chicken ! I got…two meals for three and three lunches for two out of it !

When lunch is the highlight of the day,  you know it wasn’t a stellar one. Beloved Hubby was too tired and too late coming home to do anything, but he’s promised we’ll do something this weekend, even though he’s working then, too. I hate to ask anything of him when he’s working so hard, but being cooped up in this house, with so much subtext floating around, is enough to drive anyone a bit nutz.

Case in point, I ordered “I <3 Shoes” DracuLaura off Amazon tonight. I just couldn’t resist any longer. (snarf) On Cyber Monday, Amazon had her as a special, had to wait three hours to see her newly discounted price. When the time came, I snapped one up so fast, I didn’t look at the price until after I had her in the cart – MH dolls were going like mad, selling out in seconds even when the price wasn’t much of a discount. $15. wasn’t much off a $20. doll I was primarily buying for her three pair of shoes, so I relinquished mine to the next hungry buyer.

Few days later, she came down to $9.99. So tempting, but we were broke, they don’t take PayPal, and did I really need more doll shoes ? Apparently so, because Thursday she came down to $8.57, and I bit the bait tonight. I vow to not get crazy over however UPS/ USPS/ FedEx/ Delivery Drone/ Pinkie Pie Party Cannon gets it here, hopefully sometime Tuesday.

It’s nice to have something to look forward to, but I gotta quit buying so much stuff ! The previous statement is null and void if I find Clawdia Wolf or a magically appearing Slo Mo this weekend, however… 

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