Thursday, December 12, 2013

May I present.....(drumroll) Miss Rarity !

Current Notes: Maybe I need Rarity to nudge me out of my slump...

Not a good day for photography. I must’ve taken over 60 pictures of Rarity, in various rooms and settings, and none of them even looked this good. Darn. I really wanted to impress ya’ll, too. Well, anyway, there she is, and I still love her. I’ll always think she’s awesome, and maybe as days go by and I take more photos, you’ll see what I do, too.

Aside from an awful hours-long photo shoot, my day got eaten up by my computer.  I truly hate days I wake up and my computer’s restarted – I can count on various glitches, warning notices, and Flash crashing two or three times before lunch on the day Windows updates. On this go-round, in addition to a program telling me it can’t find the drive and won’t go away no matter how many times I click it (it’s happened before), my computer would randomly not recognize anything plugged into USB ports. Including my mouse. And the card reader for my camera’s memory card. I also had some trouble saving Word files, like the rough draft of this and my personal journal. Frustrating. Evidently, though, I managed to restart enough times to make it all go away shortly after midday, and she’s fine now. Hope there’s no more Security updates any time soon.

I think I know what’s causing my sewing slump – I’ve actually wanted to sew this week, but let things get in the way, or allowed m’self to get lazy. Events and situations (and yes, even people) here have left me petty, stingy, suspicious, and grabby. I don’t like being that way, and I don’t like hating m’self for being so mean, so I end up hating everything (and someones) around me. That doesn’t help the situation much.

While it helps to know what’s bugging me, there isn’t much I can do to change the way things are. Ultimately, I can only change m’self or how I see things. One thing’s for sure, I’ve never journalled so much as I do when we live here ! Maybe things will get better when we don’t have to keep playing catch-up with everyone else’s bills. Or when Beloved Hubby gets us both transportation, probably during January or February.

In the meanwhile, I’m enjoying a new read. “Make it Yourself : Home Sewing, Gender, and Culture, 1890 – 1930”, by Sarah A. Gordon, via  Gutenberg-e. Free online. So far, so fascinating ! 


  1. Oh wow! Rarity looks fabulous! (How could she look any other way, though?)

  2. Rarity looks gorgeous! And that dress!!! Va-va-va-voom! :-)