Wednesday, December 4, 2013

You can almost hear the squealing from here !

Current Notes: You're the star they're waiting to see ! Go, you !!

Amazing how much stuff I got in such a small-space photo. And allow me to say I just L-o-v-e the Black Carpet Premiere Party playset. It may be my favorite yet ! Pinkamena’s got the camera that comes with it, and the podium/bar behind her has a burgundy shield that’ll easily pop off so I can spray-paint it. I’ll probably stick with basic black, as I have at least two cans of that in Fusion already. The velvet ropes are two-headed snakes, with skulls and long bones serving as the stanchions. The base is decorated with a cobweb design and stud-work, the usual high attention to detail I’ve come to expect with MH  props. Want more of those stanchions – snakes too, if I can get ‘em. The Mattel parts replacement site hasn’t yet updated past the water color-change Create A Monster design studio.

I also found that the ‘bead ropes’ on the shelves easily pops off, and the small tall table‘s base easily comes apart, too. So, don’t get used to the blue-green pieces, they’ll be black soon !

Oh, and if you think about asking the online chat operators over at when, say, Slo Mo or Clawdia Wolf’s coming to your neck of nowhere, forget it. If it’s not on the website, they can’t do much for ya. But they will scour the site for ya !

Otherwise, it’s been a quiet day. Nothing disastrously new on the finance front, in fact, we’re a little better than expected. If Kohl’s miraculously gets Clawdia in when I visit with my latest $10. freebie coupon, I’ll be able to get her, even at their ridiculous prices. And the Slo Mo fund is now at $36., awaiting his retail arrival. May go ahead and transfer his funds to PayPal around the 15th, just to be ready.

Wonder if it’ll be warm enough to spray paint inside this week…? 

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