Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Owlidays !

Current Notes: So cute ! And I impressed m'self by how close I sewed to the edge of the ribbon. 
Not a bad day when you impress yerself...

There are times I question some of my e-mail subscriptions to various websites – usually shortly after, I get an answer. I sub to, as well as their Free Pattern Club, and at least nine out of every ten e-mails is fulla stuff I don’t want. Mostly overly-frilly little girl clothes that a) I wouldn’t like even if I had a daughter, b) are for kids permanently at the size of a six-year-old, or c) would take more fabric and effort than a custom designer original for an adult. There’s the occasional craft, like the soft-sided boxes I’ve made several times, but it’s mostly little-girl tutus and ball gowns. I often wish they’d split into ‘kid clothes’ and ‘crafts’, but until then…

About the time I get tired of the same designs over and over, there’s something new. Thing is, I rarely buy the new pattern – but seeing it reminds me to look for a free version on line, and that’s why I look past a hundred evening gowns for infants. For the one design that inspires. Today, it was bowl covers. Remember those ? They sort of look like shower caps, but they’re made for covering leftovers and such in the fridge. Sure, it’s easier to use plastic wrap, but with reusable, washable bowl covers made from recycled or remnant fabric, you won’t need to buy as much, or buy stuff you know you’re just gonna throw away.

I’d idly tried to figure out how to make ‘em m’self, as I’ve sort of already done that – I sewn an elastic-edged cover to replace a craft tote’s missing lid – but I wanted a more finished look than that. Here was the pattern, on the latest YCMT e-mail, for just three bucks. Still…three minutes later, I had four different versions of bowl covers, all of ‘em free, most of which were very similar to the tote cover, but more professional, some utilizing two fabric pieces that made it reversible. I like this one, and will use it when I finally go make some. Should work for our square bowls, too. Thanks, YCMT ! Double thanks to A Kitschy Kitchen !

Got to sew a bit this afternoon, and made Ghoulia’s new Santa Hat ! It’s from my pattern, using felt I bought for the (never begun) HooDude project, a star sequin I’ve had for years, and ribbon I bought at Hobby Lobby earlier this week. Behind her is the shelf liner I bought from Dollar Tree. It’s a bit too tight – the test fabric was much thinner – so I’ve added a quarter inch more to the back seam, but otherwise, it looks pretty good !  I’ll test the latest version later tonight, and post the pattern tomorrow. Only takes about ten minutes, start to finish, and that includes tacking the peak down to the side with a couple hand stitches. Otherwise, it stands straight up ! Even the thin cotton did. 

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