Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I think my Muse is back from vacation - and she *loves* all these new dolls !

Current Notes: Beheaded Scaremester Catrine does 'boho' quite well, doesn't she ? 

My creativity is creeping back ! I can feel it. Today, I dragged out the jewelry finding box (a recycled plastic embroidery floss container) and made a couple doll necklaces, a pony necklace, and what I thought would be a pair of doll earrings. Just on a whim, I tried them on. And I can wear them ! Luckily, I’m not allergic to base metals or nickel, and I have no idea what these eye pins are made from, but I’m not reacting to them at all. Truthfully, these aren’t earrings I’d choose to wear – I used beads I had dozens of in a color I don’t really like – but it means I can make stuff I’ll be much happier with   later !

I also knocked out a Santa-style hat pattern for Ghoulia. Used that rose print fabric and some quick and awful hand-stitching to test it – as usual, the first one was a total fail. So I looked up online free patterns in human-scale. I wasn’t far off, but it was easy to see where I’d veered off the rails, so I modified it and the next trial worked pretty well. Once I get a good version, I’ll post a photo of the pattern, and try to figure out how to share a true-scale one. Gotta hurry, though, or no one will have any time to make ‘em !

To that end, I fixed the living room window. Beloved Hubby put plastic over most of the large windows late last month, to conserve heat before the central unit was magically repaired by returning the fuse to its correct slot. Only problem was, the blinds were down in the living room when he did it, so it’s been dark as a cave in there ever since. Today, I took matters into my own tentacles. Pried up the tape, fiddled with the blinds, got them open to the bright outdoors, then sealed the plastic back. Much better ! I even tested them before I resealed it – nope, ya can’t see nothin’ from the street or even from the porch, with your nose pressed against the glass and your hand cupped around your eyes. It’s a hazy blur. Perfect !

Then I turned the heat off and opened the front door. It’s been gorgeous outside yesterday and today, and we could use some fresh air ! Too bad UPS couldn’t come up with a better excuse about why my DLaura doll was, once again, late. Out of the last seven deliveries they made, four have been a day late. When I asked, I was told that mean ole ice storm, that lasted for one day nearly two weeks ago, was to blame. I’m amazed we’re not out of food and clothing ! I mean, if an order placed a week after the storm is being delayed by it, we should be out of just about everything else, too.

I just wish UPS would quit lying to me. I could take, and understand ‘holidays’ as a delay excuse. But the ice storm ? The few ‘on time’ packages were delivered right after it ! And the memory chip that was simultaneously on the right truck, the wrong truck in another city, and at the pick-up depot ? Pretty darn weak, UPS. 

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