Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Clawdia Wolf - soon on her way to Chez Insanity !

Current Notes: Here's our little lost shoe addict !

Turns out, today was the day ! Clawdia Wolf is on her way to Chez Insanity ! Justice! had her, Elissabat, and Honey on sale for $17., plus shipping and tax, so I bit. Even with all that, she wasn’t much over MSRP, so why not ? 

We’re still broke, so her fundage came out of Slo Mo’s bank, but what the heck. He's not here, but Clawdia was, so I'm glad I had it available. Rumor has it that the ones ready to go had the wrong ‘claw’ hands instead of the regular ‘guy monster’ ones, that’s why he got pulled and is in ridiculously short supply. I wouldn’t have cared one way or the other, but hopefully Mattel will make good by releasing lots of him as soon as possible.

And I did two more surveys today ! Just six more, and I’ll have built the Slo Mo fund right back to where it was before. Hopefully, I'll have enough to get him once he's in wider release. So, I’m happy.

Justice! says she should be here by Monday, but UPS evidently hates me, so I’m not counting on her arrival until after Christmas. Ice storm earlier this month, ya know. Beloved Hubby pointed out that other states had ice storms, but I showed him that she’s been about 40 miles away since early Tuesday. UPS either ranks or hates me, either one. As it was, DLaura didn’t arrive until 8:45pm. Driver said she was on the wrong truck. (sigh)

I also finally made the connection ‘nice weather = spray paint the turquoise Premiere Party pieces’ today. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until nearly dark, but I already had the paint, leftover from the bleachers project… so I did it. I’m getting better at it, you can hardly tell that I did it, instead of Beloved Hubby. Looks pretty good. Should be dry enough to handle, put back together, and photograph tomorrow !

And I hope to get a chance to sew then, too…

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