Saturday, December 28, 2013

I can sew leggings ? Oh, yeah....

Current Notes: Frankie's one of the warmer dolls on the MH shelf...

The cats – Ginger-kitty, Domino, and Tucker – let me know by various subtle means that we were shockingly low on Meow Mix this morning. Basically, I’d awakened early to make Beloved Hubby the egg salad sandwich I promised, so that he could take it to work for lunch, and the cats barely let me move. I gave them some scraps from the ham bone to assuage their empty tummies, but that just gave them more energy to focus and refine their intense communication efforts. Soon as I had the sandwich prepared, I finished getting dressed and was out the door to the 24-hour grocery down the street. Snagged a few other needs, too.

But the kitties were relentless, and having spotted the big bag – it’s really not worth it to buy less than the 16-pound sack for these felines – continued their campaign, this time not allowing me to put milk and yogurt away before they got their chow. You’d have thought we starved them for weeks, but these spoiled hairballs were fed last night ! Hard to believe there was only three of them, theirs and ours. When they concentrate their efforts together, they seem like a swarm !

Is it just me, or does the ‘skullette’ on the cover of the Honey, Clawdia, Viperine, and Elissabat diaries strongly resemble a Daft Punk helmet ? I keep expecting to catch the ones I have nodding to the beat.

Sewed a little today. Decided to finish the Barbie coat after all, after concluding that a quick seam up the back would probably tighten it up enough to fit better. At least good enough to finish, instead of throw away. So that’s what I did, and hemmed a quick rectangle for the coat’s ‘skirt’. Not too bad. I only went with a quarter-inch seam, because any more than that would throw off how the sleeves fit the arms. It cinched up the sleeves a bit and the skirt looked like a unified effort, instead of something attached nearly a week later. I’ll sew on a snap tomorrow, and get you a photo.

For now, though, here’s Frankie’s leggings. I really should have gone with a thinner fabric here, but they came out OK, if a bit bulgy in places from the seams. They look much better turned wrong-side-out ! I haven’t used the rest of the pattern, but you can find it here. It frequently goes on sale, too. I paid $2., but right now, it’s on sale for $1.25. Hopefully I’ll sew other pieces soon. I like that one dress a lot…

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