Wednesday, December 11, 2013

She's...ALIVE !!!1!!!

Current Notes: Isn't she lovely....(humming Stevie Wonder songs to self)

After all the fluff and nonsense, My Little Pony : Equestria Girls Head Donor Rarity was delivered with a smile by our awesome mail carrier today at 11:43 this morning. I had the box ripped up at 11:44, and sincerely hated to behead her, she’s that pretty. Just as lovely as Pinkamena (maybe even a bit more so, but don’t tell Pinkie I said that, OK ?), and as fun to play with, too. I put on her second outfit and brushed her hair – not as thick as Pinkamena’s, honestly, but no hair shed at all – and played with her for a solid hour. Her joints bent easily, her face was different enough from Pinkamena’s to be fun, and while her second outfit snagged on itself every chance it got (and I had to fix a sewing error), it fit her well and looked much better on her than in box.

But it wasn’t long after that hour that I fetched Scaremester Catrine from our bedroom and started layering the dolls, trying to get a better vision of what the final product would look like. Rarity’s head is noticeably smaller than Catrine’s ! It just made me impatient to have ‘my’ Rarity, so it began.

Borrowed the heating pad from FIL, wrapped the nude Catrine in a clean white t-shirt, then rolled her up in the heating pad like a burrito, from the waist up. Fifteen minutes later, her head popped off easy. Unlike other beheading efforts, this time, I didn’t crack the neck or break the stem within. Heating pad method’s much better than the hot water one, in my experience ! Cut the stem down to the circular base, as per My Dolls Are My Models’ advice.  

Didn’t even have to heat up Rarity for her beheading – it’s on a simple ball joint within, like inexpensive Midnight Magic dolls. It just popped right off. Dearest Son had some fun trading bodies with his Twilight Sparkle for a while. Still, I warmed her t-shirt wrapped head for a bit, to ease going over that stem and ‘adams’ apple’ neck. That hole was visibly much smaller than a MH’s neck post !

It went over the stem easily enough, but no amount of shoving could get it onto the white neck itself. Heated it longer. Nada. Tried to use a clean screwdriver. Nope. Heated it again with a chalk pen wedged into the hole…not quite. Arrrgh. No one mentioned this ! Only thing I could think to try next was to sand the MH neck down a bit. Living with a painter/woodworker certainly has its advantages. I had fine and rough grit sandpaper literally at my fingertips. The rough took off a bit much, so I smoothed it out with some fine while the head heated on the chalk pen again. It also improved her neck seam a bit !

It took some wiggling still, but once I got part of the neck in, the rest had to go with it, and it did. She’s ALIVE !!1!!! I have created…Rarity. (swoon)

Seriously, I darn near did swoon. I am so delighted with her ! She. Is. GORGEOUS !!! Well worth the two hours of effort – I thought it’d only take a half hour to an hour, tops. Even though there’s a bit of difference in the head and body white, I don’t care. I got her neck length about right, compared with some unaltered MH dolls, and she fits right in. I plan on boil-straightening her hands tomorrow or this weekend, but they don’t look that bad now. I just don’t like ‘claw’ hands.

I plan on doing a full photo shoot tomorrow – light’s poor right now – and showing her off to you. I swear, if Pinkamena wasn’t adamantly clinging to the body she came with, I’d be looking for DracuLauras or pink CAMs to upgrade hers, too. Now that I know what to do, it won’t be so frustrating to do it again.

Shoot, I’m so happy, I forgot to mention someone’s trying to sell an in-hand Slo Mo for $300. on eBay…


  1. I can't wait to see how MH Rarity looks! Have you considered getting a slimbox pinkie and the blob monster CAM or D-Lala and making a Pinkie to go with her?

  2. I have to admit that I'm not really familiar with MLP, but I have to say your Rarity doll is so pretty and I look forward to seeing your photos of her on her new body!