Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pretty in light turquoise, but better in black !

Current Notes: Yikes. So much black in today's photo. Hope you can see the detail on 
the freshly-painted Premiere Party playset pieces. 

Now that I’m not looking for Slo Mo or Clawdia Wolf anymore, I should have hours of time to spare ! But I’m spending it all the same. Poor ‘I <3 Shoes’ DracuLaura had barely been freed of her Amazon box when I had her out of her Mattel box, and it was cut up, broken down, and partially trashed. Unusual, because doll boxes normally sit around here for a week or so before I get tired of picking them up or moving them back from where they’ve been kicked around or knocked over, and take care of them.

Then again, there’s been a lotta new dolls around here in the past month. Pinkamena, Head Donor Rarity, Body Donor Scaremester Catrine, Deluxe Midnight Magic Crystal and Jade, the Black Carpet Premiere Party playset, 13 Wishes Twyla – whew ! Plus one new DLaura and Clawdia on the way… I’d be up to my hips in boxes if I didn’t cut ‘em down ASAP. Rather glad nothing has appealed to me lately, and about all I still want is Slo Mo. If I can find Elissabat’s dress, I’ll snag it, but I wanna try to avoid buying another doll if I can. (grin) It’s pretty rare that all I want is her dress and jacket. I don’t even want her boots, and her props are nice but not really essential to me.

The three Black Carpet dolls Justice! had in stock yesterday – Clawdia, Elissabat, and Honey – are gone already. Mine hasn’t quite shipped yet, but there is a FedEx tracking number, so I don’t have to worry that they got swamped and oversold, which has happened to me before. Tracking number still says Monday delivery, but I don’t care if she arrives after Christmas, just that she arrives !  Clawdia’s still $35. on Amazon and eBay. I heard that the Mattel store had those three in, too, for $19.50 each, but they weren’t pictured there last night, not even with a ‘sold out’ banner. However, if ya read the message boards, everybody has had Clawdia for months, but I guess that’s not the case if she’s selling out this fast at mail-order outlets. In a few weeks, I’m sure Elissa’s dress will be ¾ the cost of the doll on eBay. (shrug) It’s the way of things.

But, let’s enjoy what we just got before we start sighing about what’s next down the pike. DLaura’s gloved hands looked OK on Rarity until I compared them with the thin ‘regular’ fingers on even the claw hands, and then the gloved set looked cartoonishly big and clumsy. I think it’s mostly due to the huge ‘ball’ joint that’s quite visible with all MH unusually colored hands, like Clawdeen’s purple Sweet 1600 gloves. For some reason, it really stands out as a separate part of the gloved hand molds while it blends in as part of the ‘regular’ hands and is barely noticeable.  So I returned the hands to the original owners, and will try to boil-straighten Rarity’s again later.

The Premiere Party spray-paint party last night went pretty well. The ‘counter/ podium’ piece looks really good, and I snapped the red accent piece back on this morning. I am very pleased with how good it looks in black. I missed some spots on the small, tall table, so had to repaint it this morning, let it dry all day. It’s funny to me that the podium came out as a more ‘matte’ finish, while the table is as shiny as the seat and other pieces that came from the factory black. I could probably get the podium shiny with another coat of paint, but I like it the way it is.  

Made some absorbent drink coasters for my computer desk and sewing arena out of a long strip of that rose-print fabric, mostly so I wouldn’t have to fold and put it away again. Plus I needed coasters, water really condenses outside these glasses, and I don’t like little puddles next to my tech gear and sewing machine. Hoping to sew a bit more once Dearest and Beloved are in bed. I caught a quick nap, so here’s hoping I’ll be awake a while longer ! 


  1. I think you have a doll shoe fetish haha, but at least they take up less space than real shoes! I really like her cape/jacket too.

    I was wondering if you could help me ID a MH doll. I was looking at a couple photos of someone's MH collection, (Sorry I didn't save the link) but there was a doll that kind of looked like a rag doll, but it was plastic, and she had stripped legs and black hair. I hadn't seen her before. Do you know who she is, or it possible that it's a CAM or just someone's OOAK?

    Thanks and good luck getting your slo-mo whenever they are released!

  2. I've Clawdia exactly once, and it was at WH Mall's Justice store last weekend. I didn't like her enough to buy her, although I really liked her face. It's nice to see some new expressions on these dolls, you know?

    I did buy Elissabat, though! She's gorgeous, but I'll warn you: her dress (specifically her bolero jacket thing) has stained her body. When you get one/her outfit, you probably won't want to leave it on anyone for too long. It would be incredible on Miss Rarity, though!

    I've actually got I <3 Shoes Lala's hands on Nii, since she needed some gloves as part of her design. I thought that they looked off at first when I put them on her, but the feeling went away after leaving them on and getting used to them. :3