Sunday, December 15, 2013

Here's a blast from the past - order your fabric from the 1926 Sears Roebuck catalog !

Current Notes: From "Make it Yourself : Home Sewing, Gender, and Culture, 1890-1930" 
- an awesome read by Sarah A. Gordon ! 

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Not an exciting day. A project I had a good idea for has yet to get off the ground, as the fabric I wanted to use for it isn’t wide enough. Since our closest supply of material is Hobby Lobby, I was kinda out of luck, as they’re always closed Sundays. However, Beloved Hubby promised to take me there one day this week, and I’m gonna hold him to it. I’m also planning on a quick run into Justice!, see if they have any of the newer MH dolls that have yet to arrive anywhere else around here.

I really should dig into what fabrics I already have first, but I just couldn’t force m’self into it today. I woke up with a spike-through-the-eye headache and a seriously bad attitude. Seemed like every petty annoyance, from treacly kids’ Christmas cartoons to just-purchased missing food was prominent this morning. It didn’t improve much this afternoon, either. So I consoled m’self with Bad Santa and cheddar Chex mix, with soup for lunch, made with leftover ramen broth from Dearest Son’s lunch, two small potatoes, and some lunchmeat turkey no one’s touched in three weeks. Tastier than it sounds, I promise.

We did get to go out, sort of. Dollar Tree is an outing, right ? I got various household needs, a neat pair of holiday socks I may wear instead of using for a doll’s  ‘ugly’ sweater, a bag of 400 pony beads in a staggering variety of bright colors, a roll of shelf liner (great for doll floors and backdrops !), and a set of green glass beads. They had all colors, and if they still have ‘em next time we go, I may treat m’self to some whites and purples, but the green really sang to me. Dearest chose some popcorn and a My Little Pony coloring book with Applejack on the cover, and we got a kitty-themed Christmas coloring book to share. He hardly ever colors, just likes to leaf through the graphics, but I hope to get him to color with me this week. Also some candy, which is hidden. Sweet-toothed invisible sharks seem to patrol for stuff like that left out in the open. We got outta there for fifteen bucks, which isn’t bad for us. I can easily spend a twenny in there, with a couple singles for tax !

Came home and made a quick dinner instead of going out. Yes, we went through an entire weekend without eating at even a McDs once. Kinda tells you where finances are. We’re not that bad off, but anywhere we can conserve is good. I probably save 20 nickels a day, which isn’t much even in aggregate – but it’s important that I do so, just the same. 

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