Friday, December 27, 2013

Please meet Honey !

Current Notes: I think she’s happy to be here !
Click for a bigger grin.

Kind of ‘one of those days’ again. Spent 45 minutes trying to figure out why Netflix didn’t work on DMIL’s new-to-her Tablet – when I knew it worked last month ! – before I remembered that Netflix works as an app, not a website, on that. After that, it just needed a quick update, and it ran perfectly.  Arrgh. Shows how little I used it, and that she’ll enjoy it much more.

I’ve been enjoying my MP3 player – it’s a perfect sewing companion when Dearest Son wants to watch another talking dog movie. Has there ever been a talking animal movie with real animals that came within shouting distance of actual humor, much less a shred or two of intelligence ? I could just be jaded, because I had to watch both The Dog Who Saved Halloween  and The Dog Who Saved Christmas within days of each other. Your average mid-70s episode of Scooby Doo, Where Are You ?  is Shakespearean drama in comparison.

What was I… oh, yeah. I sewed today. Months ago, I bought a $2. pattern off Etsy – yeah, more MH. I don’t know what I’m more addicted to, the dolls or patterns. Not long ago, I would have said ‘their shoes’, but I haven’t seen any in a long time that I 1) want or 2) don’t already have. One day, though, Lagoona and Ghoulia’s Dawn of the Dance footwear will be mine… Oh, right, sewing. The pattern was pretty bare-bones, no directions, not even any information, but I printed out the page with a circle skirt and leggings. The skirt part got stored, but the leggings piece has been hanging around the Arena ever since. It got to work tonight.

Came out pretty well, too, considering I used an old, thick T-shirt rag. Seriously, Beloved Hubby uses ‘em by the bagload, for staining and other job tasks. Paint stores sell ‘em by the box, too. Some come pre-stained, but you can occasionally find an interesting piece in with the pit-stained shredded wife-beaters. Every so often, some rags show up here, and if they’re any good, I claim a few. They’re great for tests and trials ! But an old t-shirt from the closet or the kids’ hamper or outgrown pile does just as well. You’ll see them, and get the link to the pattern if you’re interested, tomorrow.

For now, though, I have a slight caffeine-deprivation headache, so I’m gonna take Ginger-kitty and an overdue library book and go lie down. She’s been wanting attention all evening, and I have the time. 

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