Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy Post-Holiday Sales Day !

Current Notes: No way would I have paid a buck each for 'em. 
Fitty cents ? Sure !

You’re gonna laugh at me. Did the grocery run today, and made sure to stop at Dollar Tree, poke through what’s left of the holiday goodies on sale. I figured they’d be about picked clean, since the place was overrun on ‘10% Off Day’, but that was far from the case. The snacks were nearly gone, save for some candy canes, but they still had three big boxes of wrapping paper (including some Transformer rolls), two aisles of holiday-themed toys and coloring books, and another aisle of holiday décor, silk poinsettias, Santa hats, and stockings. I found a box of cherry-flavored candy canes that Dearest Son enjoyed last week – I can get peppermint canes anywhere for 50c – and selected two stockings that had lovely fabric on the front, lining nylon in back. The dark green velveteen will have to be lined, but it’s gorgeous, and I got a cream ‘wrinkled silk’ look one, too. They had loads of the ‘Disney’ Santa hats left.

Brought the rest of the groceries in at $20. under budget, but I’ll need to spend at least $10. later. Waiting for a sale that starts Thursday. Still, I got a lot of chow, and everyone’s happy. I even got the one store to make good on the item they double charged me for last week – they offered a refund, or I could just get another one of it, and I figured the latter was easier. It’ll certainly get eaten ! Yeah, it was kind of petty of me, but I’m glad I spoke up for m’self.

Once home, it was clean-up time, take the trash out before pick up day – and I must’ve swept a pound of dirt off the floor. Beloved Hubby’s tools need to be brought in for safety, and many shed sawdust. And dirt. 

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  1. Wow, our Dollar Tree was picked clean of anything but regularly old peppermint candy canes as soon as Christmas was over. Lucky finds!