Monday, December 9, 2013

Is this the end of the MH leaflets ?

Current Notes: I'm ok with it, I'd rather have a stand than a leaflet ! 

Still in kind of a mood from yesterday’s events, but I’m trying to put it past me…like all the other crap we’ve put up with since we got here. And FIL wonders why I don’t talk much anymore. Can’t believe a word he says, he doesn’t answer questions truthfully or completely, he acts like nothing’s happened five minutes after his latest disaster – why would I want to talk to him about anything ?

On the plus side, we slept warm last night. No cold hands or feet if they slip out of the comforting warmth of a blanket. No cold feet even under a blanket ! I actually had to turn the thermostat down today, it got almost too warm in here ! Dearest Son went on icicle hunts today, they’ve grown so long, they make crystal sounds when they fall and break.

Found this tab while I was taking Catrine’s box apart yesterday. There was one at the top of the box, one at the bottom. Since Catrine didn’t come with the usual ‘these pieces come apart’ leaflet, I wonder if this is how Mattel’s replacing it. Cheaper, that’s for sure. Wanna laugh ? I’ve kept all mine. From the first three dolls in 2010 to Twyla, who did have a ‘parts apart’ leaflet. I doubt they’ll get rid of them entirely, since the Premiere Party playset came with one, as an inventory of all those small parts, and how to assemble the bigger ones.

Oh, and sometimes, it does help to whine. TRU e-mailed me a code worth $5. off my next in-store purchase, and it doesn’t expire ‘til 01/31/14. I’d complained Friday to their 1800 that my $5. ‘Rewards R Us’  coupon had expired without ever reaching me. Nice to know they’ll honor it, and I hope I get to use it ! Getting to a TRU darn near requires a birthday wish, especially in December. 

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