Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Rosy Russian Coats !

Current Notes:  Click for biggies ! 

No Clawdia today, either. She left Memphis yesterday afternoon, arrived in CapitolCity last night…and that’s all anybody knows. She wasn’t put on a delivery truck this morning, so… The spot that estimates the delivery date now just has the charming designation ‘N/A’. Yup. Not even FedEx knows when she’ll arrive. Hopefully by Friday. (sigh)

Meanwhile, I bought Elissabat’s stock from a MH Arena seller last night, everything from her earrings to her boots, at a great price. According to the PO, it’ll be here Thursday. When did I order Clawdia again ? Last Wednesday morning. Ah, well.

Since I’ve been getting everything I want all month, just never delivered on time (smirk), I certainly wasn’t expecting anything for Christmas… especially with our budget ! However, Beloved Hubby surprised me early with a lovely wine-colored refurbished Sansa Clip MP3 player ! I haven’t had one since last year – his died, I gave him mine -  so I had so much fun today, loading it with my favorite music and enjoying it cranked all the way with those Skull Candy headphones. So thoughtful of him !

As for him, I got him a portable LED spotlight that slots into his rechargeable tool batteries. He got that early, too, ‘cause he needed it, and has thanked me numerous times since. Dearest Son knows we’re going all out for his birthday (new computer) so we’re not able to go big tomorrow, but he has a nice selection of smaller things, including a gaming mouse that lights up a ghostly blue along the sides.

Since Beloved was off, we just took today easy. I stumbled on a Russian pattern on Pinterest for a MH coat that I wanted to try, so I did. First version I printed out was waaaay too big. It was big on the standard body, big on the Midnight Magic / Adult body, even a bit too large on Barbie. Yikes. Reduced it to 78% and tried again. Much better, still a bit too wide in the back, and the sleeves were a smidge too long, and very snug, but it actually looked good that way. If I decide to make a thicker coat, I’ll probably try the pattern again at maybe 80, 82%. As it is now, those sleeves are so tight, I had trouble turning them right side out even with the seam allowances trimmed. And it was really thin cotton, too !

Only other problem was, it looked a lot like those wrap dresses I made years and years ago. Well, back to the drawing board ! When I was doing the fitting on the second one, I showed it to Beloved on the Scaris Ghoulia doll. Since I was more concerned with getting the top to fit – the bottom was just a gathered rectangle – I’d left the bottom edge raw. He liked it, especially the frayed threads. It probably looked more zombie-authentic that way. 

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