Thursday, January 31, 2013

You survived January 2013 !

Current Mood : Wiped out.

The bathroom is clean. From tub to toilet, sink to floor, it’s looking more like an average bit-too-small average bathroom and less like something from Basement Dwellers magazine. Only problem is, I darn near passed out scrubbing the tub. No, I didn’t mix cleaning products, it just needed so much scrubbing, I kinda overdid it. The visual distortions really let me know it’s time to ease up, and I always listen to them. Next time, I’m gonna attack the tub by halves, with a half-hour break in between.

Only problem with all this cleaning is that it leaves me little time and energy to sew. I really have to find the balance again. Thing is, I’m on and off various medicines so my energy levels are all over the place. Still, I have hope for tomorrow.

Plus, I really wanna get poor Howleen out of her stock-wear ! It’s kind of funny, I’ve left several of my MH dolls in their issue clothes for months, but I really wanna get Howleen into something new within three days of buying…I mean, three days after she followed us home. At least I found her some shoes that fit ! These are LIVs, from that 48c markdown accessory pack I bought last month, and they mostly fit, but Howleen’s toes are just a little bit wider. That made the last toe strap looked awkward, so I scissored it off. Amazingly, a really cool seller on the MH board I frequent had a pair of LIV shoes I didn’t have on her ‘for sale’ list, and among other things, I snagged ‘em. Howleen even has a cute little bag for her shoes, so I don’t break another doll’s leg trying to get them on her.

I think I may be able to mock up a little skirt for her, though…

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  1. Hello from Spain: I also survived the first month. This picture is very creative. I love it. Keep in touch