Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sweet Sunday !

Current Mood : Rewarded in full. 

Success ! This year, I used my TRU holiday spending rewards – all of ‘em ! Got to run out this morning and have another spinning tour of the store. I don’t know why, but even when I’m trying to make a quick in-and-out trip, it still takes me an hour to spend ten bucks in ‘free’ money.

But I left with three bags fulla stuff, and only spent nine bucks, so I was happy. Ours still has jack-all in the MH aisle – about 20 Dot Dead Gorgeous Lagoonas and three Operettas, several were-cat twin sets, three Scaris Frankies and two Clawdeens, and the full complement of Ghouls Alive, which I played with for a good three minutes. Nothing I wanted, and aside from school and Create A Monster Lab playsets, that was it. Nothin’ in MLP, but I found three different colors of knockoff ponies in the dollar toy bins, and snagged them for Dearest Son. He likes to customize ‘em.

In the bin next to them, I found possibly the last set of MH pencils – five for the dollar – so I snagged those, but passed on the same-priced notepads. Just not much on the ‘skullie’, and I already have one I like in my purse. Wandered around with the same pink shoe Barbie Stardoll I considered last time, but ended up putting her back and choosing two Winx : Speedix Accessory Packs for the shoes, which I’ve now seen on MH dolls. Lingering on a low peg, I spied two LIV doll accessory sets, LIV’n Bright and LIV’n Travel , and took ‘em to the price scanner. I already have the Travel one, it’s where those purple and silver Mary Jane pumps came from. At 48c each, I decided to snag ‘em both, and any pieces I didn’t want or didn’t fit could go to Dearest.

That pretty much completed the tour, but the Christmas markdowns were by the register anyway…90% off ! Not much from which to choose, but there wasn’t much last time either. Ended up snagging four boxes of Spangler cherry-flavored candy canes (a long-time favorite) and four Smartees flavored/colored canes, for 13c and 25c a box, respectively. They had lots more flavors, but I didn’t like most of the rest, and already had a good supply of good ole peppermint canes in, so I left the rest. My cashier said that he didn’t know the candy had gone so low, so he was gonna snag some at breaktime. Hey, candy tastes a lot better when it’s 25c instead of $2.50 ! And with the $10. Rewards coupons, they were even less than that !

Dearest loved his surprise ponies, and I had candy bars from the grocery store – my second stop – for both of them. Hey, when Hershey’s Special Dark is 60c at the register, it’s easy to please your guys ! I was looking forward to a Smartee cane and a quick nap.

The doggie cloak and pet dish that came in the LIV sets made Dearest happy, too, since the cloak fit his ponies, and the big pink purse went well with DLaura’s outfit. I was happy to see the sunglasses fit the MH face perfectly. Haven’t opened the Winx sets yet, but he’ll score some purses from those, too. I hope to figure out a way to integrate the Winx wings into some clothes or something, just for fun. I got the Bloom – blue bow shoes – and Flora – pink bows –ones, since I don’t really think I’ll use the bright yellow low boots from the remaining Stella one. At least, not without spray paint, and I don’t really wanna pay full price for something I don’t really like, just to alter it and still not really like it.

Smartees candy canes are really delicious. I look forward to us enjoying the remaining 46 ! 

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