Saturday, January 26, 2013

D'awwwwww !

Current Mood : Sugary.

Today, I finished reading my fifth book – and started my sixth – on the Kindle app Beloved Hubby installed for us on the Tablet that Dearest Son and I share. Christmas present.  Too bad I downloaded four more freebie books this week alone. Including one that’s a collection of animal stories believed to date before 300 BC. Called The Panchatantra, or also Kalila and Dimna, it’s believed to be among the world’s oldest stories, first recorded in Sanskrit from even older oral traditions. It’s next on my plate – after I finish reading the three I already have half-started.

I tell ya, I love that darn Tablet. I didn’t think I would. But just for the free games, internet Bluetooth radio, and books, it’s worth its weight in platinum. There must be thousands of free books offered every year ! Only problem is, half of ‘em are vampire-based romance novels. That still leaves a lot to wade through – I’ve snagged cookbooks, financial planners, puzzle games, biographies, trivia, and yes, a few supernatural-themed romance novels. I use Kindle Buffet to sort through it all and recommend the best of it – saves me a lot of time over just looking at the same thirty ‘Author-loves-vampires’ fiction bits over and over on Amazon’s ‘Hot 100 Freebies’ list.

The rest of the day was kind of a bust. I know I should have been working on the bodysuit pattern, but I just couldn’t drag m’self to it. Gonna give me the weekend off, but Monday, we’re starting it up. I sometimes think the problem is, there’s too much I wanna do, and I have to finish one before I start another – at least with sewing and doll projects I do, or I’d have some from 2002 still with pins in ‘em – so when one gets soooo close to completion, I kinda jam up over what to do next ! And that makes it harder to actually finish. I figure, with a little time off, I can do a few other things and go back to the suit project refreshed, and with an idea of the ‘next’.

Watched the new ‘Defending Your Lagoona’ webisode, and discovered that there’s several ‘unreleased’ ones out there. They’re bonus features on the new for-sale DVDs. ‘I Scream, You Scream’ is about Cleo and a school-wide cooking show, featuring Scarah Screams, another, ‘No Ghouls Allowed’ is about a weird boyfiends’ night out, and the third, ‘Flowers for Slow Moe’ not only has the first time I’ve seen his nickname in official Mattel print, but is adorable, and familiar to anyone who’s read Flowers for Algernon, although the ending’s not quite the same. While I enjoyed ‘Lagoona’, and it was undeniably cute (but raised more questions about Gil’s parents than it answered), and I’m glad to see some way-underutilized characters get some screen time, I have no idea why this ‘clip show’ got an official release, and those three didn’t. All available on YouTube, natch !

In fact, I’m gonna go watch ‘Flowers’ again…

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