Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dearest Son's Picture Perfect Pony party !

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We celebrated Dearest Son’s birthday earlier this week with a party today, and while it was a bit of work and a lot of last-minute scrambling, he’s still thanking us for the fun time. The kids that showed had a blast, we fed everybody and their parents with enough to take home, and even got to spend some nice family time with DM & FIL. Kinda disappointed in the kids next door – we’d invited them early, got a confirmation, and said if anything changed (they needed a ride, had to cancel, whatever), we’d be glad to accommodate them, long as they let us know by 11:30 this morning, which I don’t think is asking too much for a 2pm party. But for the second time in a row, they no-showed on us. Well, their loss.

We did blind-bag My Little Ponys as favors, and had enough left to give to the parents who wanted one, too. It was hilarious to me that O., who previously disdained pony-fandom (bronys and pegasisters, represent !) in any form got a dark grape glittery male pony in his bag (Twilight Sky) – and when I offered him cash for it, he snaked TS out of my hand and into his pocket without a word. His father also got a boy pony – in the exact shade of gorgeous chartreuse he’s currently enamored with. His wife got a similar-color girl pony with a peach pie cutie mark. Peach pie is her favorite. Amazing things, these $2. blind bags…

So everyone had a good time, and that’s the best possible outcome for a party. I’m exhausted ! But the fun is still in my ears, the memory is still being stored, and I find m’self wishing he had a birthday every month. Maybe every other month.

Part of me is amused that I jumped right back into sewing after a lengthy hiatus with swimwear. As a kid, I could never figure out why the dolls in swimsuits were the cheapest. I mean, I could ‘make’ pinned together skirts, big-legged, big-stitched pants, and hole-for-the-head blouses belted with masking tape – I had no idea how to make a maillot. It seemed so hopelessly complicated, I didn’t know how those were sold so inexpensively.

Well…swimsuits aren’t that easy, but they’re not difficult either. Kinda like a collared shirt or a skirt with a ruffle or layers – doable, just needs more attention and concentration that the simpler, straight versions. Didn’t get to sew today, as my hands are still all jangly and wired, but I hope to have a publishable (or at least testable) pattern by Friday. Wish me luck ! 

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  1. Glad the party was such a success :O) I always have fun seeing what people do love when they get them. Even if they gave you a look when you mention certain toys or dolls. We're all kids at heart no matter what comes out our mouths LOL