Friday, January 25, 2013

Maybe I'm protecting m'self in some odd fashion, I don't know...

Current Mood : See cat. 

Spent a fun hour arranging and rearranging the MH dolls on my desk, and it was nearly as enjoyable as playing with them. It’s much harder than you’d think to get forty-one (and one clone) dolls in a three foot square space where you can see them all. Dress-fitting Clawdeen (formerly Dawn of the Dance) now has her own little vignette, with a Coffin Bean tall chair and two doll-sized dress forms. It sort of looks like she’s daydreaming in an atelier’s study high up in a garret space in Paris – or Scaris, if you prefer. One that happens to have a giant (for her) sewing machine up there with her.

I think I needed that. Yesterday’s list, by the by, was a hoax, a list of ‘I wish’ that somehow got posted as fact. Suspiciously, it was an ‘I wish’ on that site I can’t stand that appeared as fact on that site I can’t stand’s Facebook. And people wonder why I am indifferent at best – and occasionally downright hostile - to Facebook, and usually avoid the pit of it.

While the winds didn’t blow right Thursday for a ‘me’ day, they may on Tuesday, but I’m not gonna count on it. I may give up on the notion and just do what I gotta do around everybody. I got piles of stuff that has to be put away, and lots of general sorting around that needs to be done soon. So we’ll see what next week brings.

Besides, it’ll keep me off the ‘lookie what I got new’ threads on the message boards. Even when there really isn’t anything I want, seeing all the new goodies makes me want, ya know. Maybe I’m weak that it doesn’t immediately translate to ‘go make something’ instead in me, but, well, maybe you understand. You’ll be one of the few, I don’t understand m’self lately ! 

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