Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I love Monster High packaging !

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Two and a half outfits ? But the two outfits I photographed
used everything in the package !
(except the clear elastics)
What can I say, I get the most out of my purchases ! Here’s Robecca in her smalls – cute ! Shows off the detail in the shoes my camera just couldn’t get.

We got a series of texts from DM & FIL last night, asking if Dearest Son could come visit for a while today. Beloved Hubby had a ton of running around to do, but he could arrange a drop off / pick up for a few hours, no problem. That gave me the option of running errands with Beloved or having an afternoon to m’self. Much as I’d love to go with him, I had some stuff to do, and I’d love to have some quiet ‘me’ time in which to get it done.

As usual, though, my ideas were much bigger than my time. Didn’t sleep well last night, so I took an involuntary nap, but luckily, it was only for a bit under an hour. Caught up the blog – and got growly about my desk. Like the MH shelves, I’ve piled up so much, I can’t get to things, or one little nudge, and I have to fix a minor catastrophe. It got me thinking. And reflecting. Dangerous, when I’m all by m’self…

Last week, a former favored embroidery design web site gave me enough ‘points’ as a New Year’s gift to select five free sets. Could easily be a $30. gift, unexpected but very generous. I spent well over three hours going through the whole place and chose…one. I have, again, thousands of designs both free and purchased, and I haven’t touched ‘Brody’, my embroidery machine, in nearly a year.

Which is a crime. I either need to sell it to someone who will use it, or get going with Brody m’self. Guess which I chose ? Problem was, I’d stacked a ton of stuff all around Brody – I couldn’t use him without extensive shuffling. Well. No time like the present ! It’s been past time to redo my desk, and if I could relocate some things and maybe let go of others, I could really, really have some fun.

Cleared off part of the desk by simply deciding to let go of five MH dolls. By breaking down their small diorama, I could reshuffle the office supplies in there, and rework the sewing notions as well. With the space that freed up, I moved the photos and got the sewing desk as empty as it’s been since we got it. Celebrated by cleaning it off, cleaning it up, and relocating everything much better.  Whew. All the patterns are stored, everything’s much easier to reach, and I think that I may just embroider something tomorrow, simply for kicks, and because I can.

Then, I finally got the photos done for the blog (grin) and had a nice cheesy baked potato for a late lunch. Ginger-kitty noted the newly blank space and immediately filled it, then tried to overturn my water glass for a quick drink. (sigh) This is what happens when I try to clean ! J

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  1. Hello from Spain: you're right that these boxes are very nice and original .. Keep in touch