Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Every day, I'm shufflin', shufflin'...

Current Mood : Tired and wired. 

Last night, almost for a lark, we decided to swap the locations of my desks and the sofa. I’d get more light, and be out from under the too-hot-for-me vents, we could move the TV from its barely-secure perch, and the sofa would be a lot more comfy for family time away from the bay window.  Whoo. I hope our next lark isn’t so much work ! I had to clear off and clean both my tables, all the supplies under them, and find a place for all my MH dolls. The shelves I had them on couldn’t be installed in the windows ! That’s where the four fabric cubes went. Insulation and display ! Since it doesn’t get direct sunlight, the risk of fading should be minimal, but I’ve blocked the cube backs with cardboard, just in case. The timing was great – with Dearest Son visiting grandparents and Beloved Hubby at work, I’d have all day today to reconfigure my new space ! I’m still finding places for everything.

Since I had to tear it all up to move it, I went through it and cleaned as I went. The box of ‘spare’ fabric and some other craft misc. no one here is ever gonna use is ready for a trip to GoodWill, I finally got over a year’s worth of deceased gnats out of the magnifying lamp,  moved the office supply stuff to where everyone can get to it, and vacuumed. I lost a bit of space, and had to fold the School playset away, but I have to confess, I wasn’t using it nearly as much as I thought I would. It took up a lot more space for less ‘play area’ than I planned on. Can still pull it out anytime, but I kinda feel somehow ‘closer’ to my dolls without it. And with them off the shelves and just an arm’s reach away. 

Another confession. Back when I first got ‘into’ MH, I only had a few – there only were a few ! – and even though I had my own doll/sewing Studio, they were on my desk, constantly. When we moved to a smaller place, they stayed on my desk until I had too many, and even then I rotated the old and new ones all the time. I never really liked putting them on shelves. So I wasn’t expecting things to work out this way, but I’m glad they did !

But first, I had a mess of a house to clean, with days-off piled-up dishes, three bags of trash, and two loads of laundry to take care of before I could get to the ‘fun’ stuff. You can imagine how wiped out I am – and what didn’t get done. Ah, well. At least all my stuff’s out of the hallway and doorframes.

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  1. Late with my comments but I understand completely. I'm really into clearing out some doll stuff. Housework is the biggest chore in the world :O)