Monday, January 14, 2013

Ghoulia and sleep, my two big obsessions...

Current Mood : Yaaay ! 

Only one problem with sleeping consistently on air mattresses. While they’ve granted me the best sleep I’ve had in possibly ever, after using them every night for about four to six months, they start developing little holes, and you wake up muttering one night, “Can’t sleep…bed will eat me’ because it started deflating at 2am.

We’ve gone through three between us in nearly a year. And about Thursday, ours started giving up its ghost, darn it. Some of the patches worked, but this morning, we both woke up more on the floor than off it. So we headed out to secure a new bed.

You’d think, after yesterday’s total skunking at TRU, that I would barely bother with even checking Mal-Wart’s three-foot-wide MH space. But you also know I did, and they had almost the entire Scaris and Dance Class lines, except for Deuce and Skelita, and all but Cleo from the Photo Day series. I even got to see the very luridly-colored Scaris Café and the not-that-bad new car. Wow. Glad I already bought Operetta’s Dance  outfit, because deciding between her and Scaris Ghoulia would have been tough !

Dance Howleen was briefly a contender, but I really don’t like the character much, so I’d mostly be buying her to have her – and I don’t like her. So, no. Cute as anything, though. I may have a second or third thought over her. Rather glad I didn’t buy the Picture Day DLaura’s outfit, it’s more of a screaming pink than I thought. Seeing the Jinafire dragon doll up-close confirmed my suspicions – she looks more like a bubble-eye goldfish than a dragon to me. Her clothes are awesome, her detailing is superb, but that over-bulging face with the wide, staring eyes just didn’t scream ‘NO ! Me ! You NEED me ! Not Ghoulia ! ‘ to me in any fashion. Even her vaunted shoes just made me yawn. While I applauded (even as I didn’t want yet another *&^%ing Day of the Dead sugar skull MH doll) the elements that made up the Skelita doll, on Jinafire, it looked cliché, lazy, and stereotypical, and therefore boring. Ain’t I ‘Little Mrs. Opinion’ today ?

And you guys know, sure as the sun rose this morning, that the last thing I need is a new Ghoulia. I have seven already, although the duplicate Roller Maze one is on the ‘moving on’ pile. But you also know darn well who came home with us. Like most of the Mal-Wart dolls, there was only one, but that one Scaris Ghoulia is mine ! Yaaay ! Her hand really is up against the box, it’s like she’s trying to get out on her own. How awesome is that ? I got a brand-new Ghoulia to model her brand-new Deluxe Fashion Pack !

And, instead of buying a new bed, we bought a repair kit. It’s holding !  We’ll see how it works out tonight – wish us luck !

Opened the Winx sets today. Gave the purses to Dearest Son – what he does with all these doll purses, I’ll never know – but once I knew the headbands fit, I kept them. They really look cute on MH dolls ! The shoes got a quick boil soak, and while that worked its magic, I went after the wings. If there’s something I might can use on something I buy, I’ll try to – even if I have to tear it up to try !

While they slide easily out of the ‘flutter’ hinges that fit into the dolls’ backs, the heart-shaped plastic bits that remain on the wings was not designed to be removed easily. However, it couldn’t stand long against the determination of an adult with hand tools. Basically used snip-pliers to hack off bits of pink heart until the whole thing gave way to my prying fingernails. Underneath are two convenient holes on each wing that I can use to attach them to any bodice with needle and thread, or use clear elastics or ribbon to secure them to the doll, then arrange clothes around them. I could even use a hot needle or small hole punch to make new holes as needed. So, now I have blue and pink ‘Speedix’ wing sets whenever I want to use ‘em. The third accessory set I didn’t buy yesterday also features primarily pink wings, but they’re orange and yellow where this pair is blue and green.

After all that, I had a good ole fashioned shoe boil. The Winx shoes were just a twinge too tight, so I gathered up those and the LIV footwear, and put the kettle on. I also rounded up enough dolls to mold the shoes and in less time than it takes to type it, five pair were soaked in boiling water and fitted to a doll to dry. Worked perfectly with the Winx and two of the LIV pairs. The other LIV pair is just too small to stretch to what I want, so I’m gonna alter them into slides, fit them to another doll, or something else later.

I’m gonna have a great week ! 


  1. I have a question about boiling shoes...once they cool, can you take them on and off like regular sized shoes or do they shrink back to their normal size?

  2. Just curious, do you have a tutorial for boiling shoes?