Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mail Call !

Current Mood : Nobody home. 

After all the fun and excitement of yesterday, it was great to take it easy today. Cleaned up the last of the cake (and Dearest Son hoovered up the roughly two pounds of frosting clinging to the cake box) and snack leftovers for lunch, snugged the candles into his corkboard, and found places for the gently-used blowouts. Beloved Hubby was quite wise to choose the ones without noisemakers or kazoos in them.

I’d made a small purchase during yesterday’s dash for forgotten party supplies – the cute little Valentine’s Day mailbox Ghoulia’s sitting on. Just $2.97 at Mal-wart, and they had pretty much every major licensee save for MLP, but it could have been that those were sold out. With nearly a month still to go before Valentine’s, the selection was already a bit picked over. I got one of two MH ones remaining, while Dearest selected Toy Story 3 over Avengers or Spider-Man. Or even the other MH.

The front is hinged and the flag actually works – I wouldn’t even mention it, but I’ve bought tin mailboxes that just had a lid without a hinge and the flag was just for decoration. It came with two sheets of decent stickers, but I was a little sad to see my fave ghoul Ghoulia wasn’t anywhere in evidence. Fixed that by putting her on the thing my own way ! Still, not bad for $3. I’m still looking for the classroom Valentines cards that come with pencils. Ours didn’t seem to have any, but I didn’t get much of a chance to look.

I did get to peek over at the MH section while securing the blind-bag ponies – nothin’ new, but they’ve finished the reset. I’m hoping to find the Siren Create A Monster set, to go with my sea-monster CAM, Carlin – and maybe also my CAM guys. The ‘mermaid’ tail’s been shown to fit both the male and female torsos. Even comes with a male-friendly sash. Talk about your Splash action – and I want it. I don’t even mind that it doesn’t come with shoes. Too bad we don’t have it around here yet.

Caterine de Mew is out, and is even in a neighboring state, but…(sigh) I do want her, since I don’t have any of the other catgirls, but I just can’t work up a good head of steam for a lengthy store-exclusive search. That may change later, ya’ll know me - ’inconsistency, thy name is Dorrie’ – but for now, I got a desk crowded with dolls, more in a box at my feet, and I just got a new Ghoulia. I can kinda justify the CAM, and fun, silly things like pencils and mailboxes, but another new doll…eeesh.

(laugh) Keep hearing a pharmaceutical-ad voice, ‘If you, or any of your loved ones, have experienced Monster High burnout, please call…’


  1. Dorrie, our store has Catrine for the time being! Shoot me an email or lj pm if you want me to make a run for one tomorrow.

    She's super lovely in person. I'm a bit torn on my plan to remove her lavender locks and redo her as a calico cat!

  2. Naaah. Thanks, though. I'm gonna try to find one local and go from there. Since I can barely move an elbow without knocking over a doll, I'm gonna wait until I can see one before I buy one. I really appreciate it, you're the best ! ((hugssss)))