Friday, January 18, 2013

Strike a pose, Ghoulia !

Current Mood : Sewing !

When Ghoulia is asked to 'strike a pose' in her
new dress, it becomes obvious that
she's either avant-garde, or unclear
on the concept. 
Been studying photos of others’ Ghoulia Deluxe Fashion Pack, and I think mine has two left shoes. Ah, well. I’d call Mattel, but one shoe is such a piddling thing when the rest of it’s so perfect, and I don’t even really like those shoes anyway. Besides, from what I’ve read on chat boards and other places, they get called if a doll is short one inner eyelash on one side, sometimes just to scam free stuff. I may be one of the few hundred who has more than 20 dolls who’s never called Mattel over a product quality issue, and I hope to keep it that way.

Speaking of shoes, I may have jumped the gun by spray-painting those two pair yesterday. Tried one of each on a spare Create A Monster foot, and got a bit of paint from both of ‘em. So I think I’ll give ‘em a week to dry, and hope for the best. Sometime during the night – or I got better light now – they cured to a deep burgundy wine color, and I just hope they’re soon good to wear. I will go buy fabric to match that shade, it’s gorgeous ! And with all the skin tones I got, it’s sure to look good on one doll or a bunch of ‘em !

After my work was done, I made a list of ‘dolls with swimwear’ and ‘dolls with no swimwear’. Operetta’s ‘dice’ bodysuit came in, and it looks great on her. Nearly every character’s had a bodysuit or swimsuit, and some have had two or three ! Venus has a swimsuit doll coming up, but that leaves Cupid, Spectra, Rochelle, and all the Create A Monsters without. Most of the guys, too. So I traced my fitting doll and shaped a simple strapless tank suit and added a seam allowance. One day soon…

By then, I knew I was delaying and putting it off. I haven’t sewn anything since we moved everything, and I was reluctant to start up again, for a reason I haven’t divined yet. Well, a swimsuit wouldn’t use much fabric – scrap time ! – and didn’t need to be successful, so what the heck. Had to reposition the cord and foot pedal, but I’m off and running !  

The first version mostly fit ! Needed a dart in the back and a bit better contouring, so I adjusted and sewed it again. Second version fit better, but needs to have enough for a hem at the top, the crotch needs to be narrower, and the back dart needs to be wider. I’ve already altered all that on Pattern 3.0, and hopefully later tonight, I’ll get to try it. But we have Dearest Son’s birthday party tomorrow, and I have a bit of a headache started, so I’m not sure if I’ll get to it. I may just read on the sofa for a while !

At the bottom of the scrap stash drawer, I also found where I’d tossed my Dollar Tree placemats that I used for photo backdrops. I’ve barely used one of them, much less three, so I repurposed one as a food mat for Ginger-kitty. I love it when I get more space and more stuff gets used !


  1. If you find that the spray paint doesn't dry completely, I would pick up a bottle of ACRYLIC clear gloss...mine is from Testors. I've found that Enamel model paints don't dry fully on the Mh Shoes...but putting a coat of the acrylic gloss traps the enamel and it dries! :-)

    Once you get a working bodysuit/swimsuit pattern...would you be willing to share it? (possibly for a small fee even? =D) I've tried numerous times to get a bodysuit pattern done, but mine all turn out horribly! Pattern drafting is not my forte!

  2. Planned to just give the pattern away when it's good enough - if I wait 'til it's perfect, we'll both be somebody's great-grammas ! Would you mind testing it before it goes out into the wide, wide world ? Between you and Tabitha, I know any problems or questions would be ferreted out and solved.

    Thanks for the tip on the gloss - I've quite the list for my next HLobby run ! (grin)