Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My desks are just *packed*...

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Well, the Monster High dolls are moved to my desk – all 41 and three knockoffs of ‘em - I couldn’t get to it ‘til today. There’s a young man’s birthday to plan, a house to clean, class yesterday, therapy tomorrow…whew ! And the shelves *were* clean, but now they’re fulla ponies and die-cast 1-18th scale cars. Dearest Son will be inheriting the shelves once they’re down, but until then, ‘cause it’s his birthday week, he’s displaying some special toy favorites on them. I think he’s just getting a feel for how he’ll want them set up once the toys and shelves are in his room.

You know, I bought most of those MLP and clone ponies m’self, and I still had no idea he had so many. It’s a herd and a half !

Still cleaning the place since we may have visitors before or after his Saturday party. Plus it just needs doing. I’m nearly caught up ! Another load or two of laundry and a good bathroom cleaning, and that’ll be done, save for routine maintenance between now and then. I’m hoping to get that done tomorrow, and have some time to sew or maybe set up the MH crew a little better. I’m mostly using the wooden desk cubby Beloved Hubby made me shortly after we moved here, with the school playset bleachers, the lunchroom picnic table, and the Coffin Bean sofas and chairs. I even have a ‘Ghoulia Enclave’, which is housing six of my seven favorite zombies. I’m thinking that, on my next ‘me’ day, I’m gonna pull down both the MH and Barbie prop/furniture boxes, arrange everyone, and store the rest.

It’s kinda sad to admit, but I don’t really miss the MH school playset. Something was always getting knocked over in it or pushed over by it, and no matter how I set it up, just by installing the furniture it came with, it was instantly overcrowded. I figured that, if I had more desks, another table, another set of bleachers, I’d enjoy it more, and luckily I found those cheap from Mattel. But it turned out that what I was really having fun with was the desks, the bleachers, and the other props. If it turns out, I haven’t touched the School in six months, I’ll probably sell it. Maybe it’ll be like some other stuff in the line – it’s a shelf-sitter for a couple weeks, then less than a year later, it’s nearly bringing its weight in gold. I still can’t believe Gil Webber brought more than $300. on eBay this winter !

Can’t remember if I mentioned that I’ve pulled five not-very-rare dolls from my own MH herd, and I was planning on keeping my shorn-hair Gloom Beach DLaura as a fitting model. Decided to keep Dawn of the Dance Clawdeen for that instead. I’m lucky enough to have her first three sets of hands – the ‘splayed’ originals, the ‘claw’ rereleases, and the black glove Gloom Beach set – but I need three Clawdeens to use them. Dearest has already said I can borrow his purple-glove Sweet 1600 hands anytime, long as I return them. Since I can’t sell or trade any handless dolls, and it was mostly the short hair on DLaura I favored for fittings anyway, Clawdeen is a better choice.

I know I forgot to say that the patch Beloved affixed to our bed is still holding, thank Everything. I am sooo looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight !

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  1. Hello from Spain: I like the photos. Your collection is awesome. Keep in touch